Vibrant environment for Opening Academic Programme

The international students, dressed in traditional clothing from their country of origin, formed a vibrant environment for the Opening of the Academic Programme of the ITC Faculty of the University of Twente, yesterday at the Muziekcentrum in Enschede.

Wilber Ottichilo

Dean Tom Veldkamp opened the academic programme and shared his thoughts on the rapidly changing world of geodata. The availability of new and extended data from modern (mobile) equipment leads to new opportunities for analysis and interpretation. They form a valuable addition to the processes of decision making, but at the same time, serious challenges arise on safety and privacy. Close collaboration between the ITC faculty and the other faculties within the University of Twente leads to new and useful insights to how to deal both of these challenges.

As part of the packed programme, on behalf of the Student Association Board, Honore Niyonsenga looked ahead to the coming academic year and welcomed the new students to the ITC community. The musical interludes were provided by the EVA Vocal Ensemble.

Schermerhorn Lecture

The Schermerhorn Lecture, named after the founder of ITC Willem Schermerhorn, was conducted by Wilber Ottichilo. He is an ITC-alumni and currently a Member of Parliament for the Emuhaya Constiuency in Kenya.

Ottichilo first arrived in Enschede at ITC in 1981, attending a course in Remote Sensing Techniques and Application. "I came as a village boy and went back as a global citizen. In Enschede, I met people from all over the world, who were facing similar challenges. Problems that looked complex and unsolvable suddenly changed into challenges that we were able to handle adequately." In 2000, he received his PhD at the department of Natural Resources.

His lecture included a warm plea on closing the gap between science and everyday life. In his work as a member of parliament, he combines a scientific approach with the ability to translate the complex material to the level of the voters. Ottichilo showed some bright examples of how geodata supported decision making in the educational and agricultural field.

ITC Publication Award

As has become a tradition, the ITC Publication Award has been handed out at the ceremony. This year's award, consisting of an award certificate and a cash prize, went to Mitra Shariati Najafabadi. Her PhD-project focused on predicting the timing of spring migration of avian herbivores.

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