International Student Sports Day: colourful event

Enthusiastic cheers and jubilant yells from the stands as one player shoots the ball into the net even better than the other. The international student sports day of the joint international educational institutes is a colourful event every year. Last Saturday, 500 international students were guests on the campus of the University of Twente, at the invitation of the ITC.


Five hundred students from sixty different countries went into battle with one another. FRom basketball and volleyball, to badminton and chess. The UNESCO-IHE from Delft eventually won the trophy, just ahead of the students from Saxion. The University of Twente ITC faculty team won bronze. 

The sports day for international students has grown into an event with a great tradition. The first was held in 1980 and since then the students come together each year to compete with one another in different sports. Such a tradition is naturally accompanied by a joint dinner together and a final party. 

The organizers look back on a wonderful day. "It was very successful," says Job Duim. "And it's always nice to have so many international students visiting us." These days, the ITC takes the organization of such a large-scale event in its stride. "We've obviously done this before, five years ago we were also the organizing university, so the plans are well prepared. And we have been helped a lot by the students of the Twente ROC who adjudicated various sports."

Social ties
The educational institutes invest a lot of time and energy in the organization of such events. Both the day itself and the run-up period are a great opportunity to get together and to undertake activities. It is essential to remove obstacles in order to become socially active, especially for students who have to find their feet far from home in a new environment.

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