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The 2013 series of e-learning courses from EuroSDR, will begin with a pre-course seminar, hosted by CISM in Udine, Italy, from 11th to 12th March 2013.

The seminar will be followed by four two-week distance e-learning courses.

EduServ courses are followed over the Internet from any location and require about thirty hours of online study.  They are completed over a period of two weeks during Spring of each year.

Open Standards & Open Source WebMapping:

Tutors: Barend Köbben, Ivana Ivanova (ITC University of Twente)

The course objectives are to teach the principles of Open Standards WebMapping using Open Source tools. Participants will learn the principles and theoretical background on interoperability, geo-webservices and Open Geo-Standards, and will apply them by setting up WMS and WFS services using MapServer, and by building a web-based client using OpenLayers.

Dates: 8 to 19 April 2013

More information can be found on the EuroSDR website


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