Launch of the Tanzania Energy Platform

Oil, gas, geothermal and sustainable energy knowledge infrastructure in Tanzania

To structure the knowledge on energy in Tanzania the Tanzania Energy Platform was launched with a workshop on 5th April 2017. Recently, large oil and gas reserves were discovered in Tanzania and the country has likely a large potential for geothermal energy because part of the country is volcanic and geothermal gradients are high. Moreover Tanzania has options for sun and wind energy.


Knowledge infrastructure

The Tanzania Energy Platform is a knowledge infrastructure for energy and energy related topics in Tanzania with Honorary Chair by the Vice-President of Tanzania, Prof Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan, with members such as educational institutes and Tanzanian and international companies and organizations involved in energy production in Tanzania. The later comprises a very wide range of companies from local consultants and contractors to international oil & gas multi-nationals, and dredging and construction companies for offshore installations. The present chair of the platform is by Prof Dr Hudson, professor at the University of Dar es Salaam, who also organized the very successful workshop on the occasion of the launch on 5 and 6 April. The platform regularly organizes workshops, will discuss and advice on energy topics, and maintains a website.

In his speech on behalf of the Vice-President, the Minister of Energy and Minerals, Prof Dr Sospeter Muhongo, stated that the platform would play a crucial role as it would advise the government on energy policies and plans as “Tanzania is endowed with vast sources of renewable and non-renewable sources of energy that are yet to be developed to enhance the country’s economic goals”. The Netherlands Ambassador to Tanzania, Jaap Frederiks, elaborated on the cooperation between Tanzania and the Netherlands “I hope that with this launch we have planted the seeds for enhanced communication among all stakeholders”. Prof Dr Ir Tom Veldkamp presented a token of appreciation to the Vice-President in the form of a typical Dutch Delft Blue plate, and on behalf of the project Prof Dr Freek van der Meer expressed his gratitude to the Vice-President for accepting the Honorary Chairmanship.

Tanzania Dutch Energy Capacity Building (TDECB) project

The Tanzania Energy Platform is a result of the Tanzania Dutch Energy Capacity Building (TDECB) project that develops a series of activities in Tanzania to help Tanzania setting up energy and sustainable energy education and knowledge infrastructure to enhance their education curriculum in energy topics. The University of Twente, Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), Department of Earth Systems Analyses (ESA) manages the project that further involves the Tanzanian educational institutes of the University of Dar es Salaam, DIT, KIST and the Dutch universities of Delft, Hanze, and Utrecht. The project receives funding from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs via Nuffic. The TDEBC project centers on training staff, developing education and research programmes, investing in equipment, and improving the gender balance. The project offers a solution for the Tanzanian shortage of well-educated people in the energy sector. Oil and gas are not great for the environment, but are preferable to coal and charcoal, which are mainly used now in Tanzania. Clever use of oil and gas reserves allows the revenues to develop renewable energy sources such as geothermal and solar energy in the future. 

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