Cheetah in top list of food waste apps

An interesting article in The Guardian on the best apps for tackling food waste around the world, last week. Included in the list is the Cheetah app, a start-up company building upon research at ITC. Cheetah prevents food to be wasted during transport in developing countries.


Cheetah amplifies the voice of value chain players (Transporters, Consumers, Growers, Officers from public and private agencies) by allowing them to communicate value chain shortcomings. The app also enables players to tap into chains of horticulture intelligence, which leads to better-informed decisions. This in turn reduces costs and increases profits for businesses, leads to lower market prices for consumers, fairer prices for growers, and better interventions by public and private agencies. Cheetah is developed by Ujuizi Laboratories, a spin-off company of the Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), University of Twente, in collaboration with several other ICT experts.

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