Educational developments at ITC

At ITC we are constantly trying to improve our education. We do so with input from our students and alumni. Some major changes to ITC’s programmes are set to be rolled out next academic year.

ITC’s Master’s Geo‐information Science and Earth Observation will become a 2-year Master’s programme as from September 2018. The renewed programme builds upon the existing curriculum with recognized specializations, but has a new structure and offers students more flexibility. Students can define their study path according to their professional and academic interests and make more choices in the programme.

The renewed Master’s programme is:

  • more supportive for the learning process of the student;
  • creates more space for learning and reflection;
  • allows more flexibility for the student to develop alternative study trajectories within ITC;
  • and/or to choose courses outside ITC;
  • provides more professional and academic exposure to the students.

More information about the 2-year Master's Geo‐information Science and Earth Observation.




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