Distant learning component refresher course Geohealth open to all!


In October, ITC will start a new refresher course “Geohealth: Advanced GIS techniques in health applications”, which will be held in India. As part of this refresher course, a distant learning component has been developed to offer students a head start. Since the distant learning course item forms a complete item, we have decided to make it available to all free of charge as a massive open online course (MOOC). The MOOC starts on 15 August and is now open for registration.

Together with the Public Health Foundation of India and the Dutch Royal Tropical Institute, the University of Twente’s ITC Faculty has launched the Geohealth refresher course. The course will give an insight in new developments in geohealth and look at the latest thinking and methods for using spatial data and geographic information systems (GIS) in health settings.

Geohealth MOOC

The MOOC course consists of ten different topics, ranging from data collection techniques to spatial simulation, and aims to bridge the gap between scientific research and health professionals. By the end of the course item, participants will understand how spatial data and geo-information techniques can contribute to solving public health problems, and be aware of best practice when using GIS in the health field.


The Geohealth course has been developed by the Public Health Foundation of India, the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam and the ITC Faculty of the University of Twente. Three well-known institutions with experience in both the health domain and the field of geo-informatics. The course is designed for professionals working in both human and animal health, and GIS specialists and geo-scientists with interest in the health domain.


The MOOC Geohealth starts on 15 August on the British FutureLearn platform. Participants can expect to spend an average of four hours a week over the course of four weeks. They will receive a certificate after the course ends. Registration is free and currently open.

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