ITC Portals

For easy access to dedicated literature and websites on specific topics, we intend to create several portals.

Currently, we have the following portals:

  • Geostatistics portal

    Geostatistics is the application of statistical methods to geo-referenced data, that is, observations from known locations, usually with reference to the Earth's surface. Non-spatial exploratory, descriptive and inferential statistics, as well as sampling designs, must be adapted to account for the known spatial relation between observations. This leads to interesting, sophisticated statistical methods, some of which are well-established, and others of which are subjects of active research. A wide variety of applications have been developed for earth sciences such as geology, soil science, hydrology, climatology, and also for social sciences such as epidemiology and social geography. Most of the techniques would not be possible without geostatistical computing.

    Geo-information and development-relevant applications are two pillars of ITC's mission, and geostatistics stands firmly at their intersection. The geostatistics portal is designed to provide a structured and informative entry into the vast literature of geostatistics and geostatistical computing. We've tried to categorize, prioritize, and comment on key literature which is available through the ITC library.

ITC staff or ITC students who are working from home may be required to login with their m-number or s-number and password to get access to licensed materials. For more information, please refer to Access by login.

  • ITC Ormeling Collection of Cartographic Textbooks

    In 1971, Dr. Ferdinand Jan Ormeling (1912 – 2002) was appointed as the first Professor of Cartography at ITC (International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation) in the Netherlands.

    Before that, he was active as a geography teacher, Director of the Geographical Institute of the Topographic Survey of The Netherlands Indies / Indonesia (1947 - 1956) and Editor of the Bosatlas (famous Dutch school atlas, published by Wolters in Groningen) (1956 - 1976). From 1964 to 1984 he was Secretary-General and President of the International Cartographic Association (ICA). All this means that during his career Professor Ormeling witnessed and actively contributed to the international development of the young science of modern cartography in the 20th century from the start.

    Because of Ormeling's active involvement he came into the possession of all major and 'classical' cartographic publications. After his death in 2002 the Ormeling family donated this precious Ormeling Collection to ITC, where it is now kept and made accessible by the ITC Library.

    The Ormeling Collection is a collection of 'classical' textbooks, monographs, conference proceedings and exhibition catalogues. It is an international collection with, perhaps, a small Dutch bias. Except for monographs, the Collection does not contain cartographic journals nor cartographic products (like maps or globes). The extensive Ormeling Collection of Atlases is kept in the Utrecht University Library.

    It is the intention to turn the ITC Ormeling Collection into a dynamic collection, i.e. to allow the addition of other 'classical' cartographic textbooks, such as those published after the retirement of Professor Ormeling in 1982.

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