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Handbook of community well-being research : also as e-book. Phillips, R. and Wong, C. Dordrecht, Springer Science+Business Media LLC, 2017. (International handbooks of quality-of-life), ISBN: 978-94-024-0876-8. Full text

The Routledge Handbook of Urbanization and Global Environmental Change : e-book. Seto, K.C., Solecki, W.D. and Griffith, C.A. London, Routledge, 2016. ISBN: 978-1-315-84925-6. Full text


ISI Journal Articles

El merabet, Y., Ruicheck, Y., Ghaffarian, S., Samir, Z., Boujiha, T., Messoussi, R., Touahni, R. and Sbihi, A. Maximal similarity based region classification method through local image region descriptors and Bhattacharyya coefficient-based distance : Application to horizon line detection using wide-angle camera. In: Neurocomputing, 265(2017), pp. 28-41. Full text | Full text

Cord, A.F., Bartkowski, B., Beckmann, M., Dittrich, A., Hermans-Neumann, K., Kaim, A., Lienhoop, N., Locher-Krause, K., Priess, J., Schröter-Schlaack, C., Schwarz, N., Seppelt, R., Strauch, M., Václavík, T. and Volk, M. Towards systematic analyses of ecosystem service trade-offs and synergies : Main concepts, methods and the road ahead. In: Ecosystem services, (2017) IN PRESS, 9 p. Full text | Full text

Tanvir Hassan, S.M., Ghimire, C.P. and Lubczynski, M.W. Remote sensing upscaling of interception loss from isolated oaks: Sardon catchment case study, Spain. In: Journal of hydrology,  (2017)IN PRESS53 p. Full text | Full text

Conference Proceedings (full papers)

Ghaffarian, S., Ghaffarian, S, El merabet, Y., Samir, Z. and Ruicheck, Y. Automatic building roof segmentation based on PFICA algorithm and morphological filtering from LiDAR point clouds. In: Proceedings of 37th Asian conference on remote sensing (ACRS) : Promoting spatial data infrastructure for sustainable economic development, 17-21 October 2016, Colombo, Sri Lanka. ISBN: 978-1-5108-3461-3. 8 p. Full text | Full text

El merabet, Y., Ruicheck, Y., Ghaffarian, S., Samir, Z., Boujiha, T., Touahni, R., Messoussi, R. and Sbihi, A. Hellinger Kernel-based Distance and Local Image Region Descriptors for Sky Region Detection from Fisheye Images. In: Proceedings of the 12th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications - (Volume 4), 27 February - 1 March 2017, Porto, Portugal / edited by F. Imai, A. Tremeau and J. Braz. Porto: SCITEPRESS, 2017. ISBN: 978-989-758-225-7. pp. 419-427. Full text

Scientific and Professional Publications

Lemmen, C.H.J., Friis-Hansen, L. and Unger, E.M. Surveying the world of tomorrow : from digitalisation to augmented reality. In: GIM International, 31 (2017)7 pp. 35-36. Full text



ISI Journal Articles

Masocha, M., Dube, T., Skidmore, A.K., Holmgren, M. and Prins, H.H.T. Assessing effect of rainfall on rate of alien shrub expansion in a southern African savanna. In: African Journal of Range & Forage Science, 34(2017)1, pp. 39-44. Full text | Full text

Kissling, W.D., Ahumada, J.A., Bowser, A., Fernandez, M., Fernandez, N., Garcia, E.A., Guralnick, R.P., Isaac, N.J., Kelling, S., Los, W., McRae, L., Mihoub, J.-B., Obst, M., Santamaria, M., Skidmore, A.K., Williams, K.J., Agosti, D., Amariles, D., Arvanitidis, C., Bastin, L., De Leo, F., Egloff, W., Elith, J., Hobern, D., Martin, D., Pereira, H.M., Pesole, G., Peterseil, J., Saarenmaa, H., Schigel, D., Schmeller, D.S., Segata, N., Turak, E., Uhlir, P.F., Wee, B. and Hardisty, A.R. Building essential biodiversity variables (EBVs) of species distribution and abundance at a global scale : open access. In: Biological reviews, (2017) IN PRESS, 26 p. Full text | Full text

Yu, Fangyuan., Skidmore, A.K., Wang, T.J., Huang, J., Ma, K. and Groen, T.A. Rhododendron diversity patterns and priority conservation areas in China. In: Diversity and distributions, (2017) IN PRESS, 14 p. Full text | Full text

Herkt, K.M.B., Skidmore, A.K. and Fahr, J. Macroecological conclusions based on IUCN expert maps: A call for caution. In: Global Ecology and Biogeography, 26 (2017)8 pp. 930-941. Full text | Full text

Verplanke, J.J. and Georgiadou, P.Y. Wicked Water Points : The Quest for an Error Free National Water Point Database. In: ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information : open access, 6 (2017)8article no. 244, 18 p. Full text | Full text

Book Chapters

Coetzee, S., Steiniger, S., Köbben, B.J., Iwaniak, A., Kaczmarek, I., Rapant, P., Cooper, A., Behr, F.-J., Schoof, G., Katumba, S., Vatseva, R., Sinvula, K. and Moellering, H. The Academic SDI : Towards Understanding Spatial Data Infrastructures for Research and Education. In: Advances in Cartography and GIScience : Selections from the International Cartographic Conference 2017 / edited by M.P. Peterson. Cham: Springer, 2017. ISBN: 978-3-319-57336-6. pp. 99-113. Full text | Full text



After great disasters : an in-depth analysis of how six countries managed community recovery. Johnson, L.A. and Olshansky, R.B. Cambridge, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 2017. ISBN: 978-1-55844-331-0.

Pediatric environmental health : e-Book. Etzel, R.A. and Balk, S.J. Elk Grove Village, American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), 2012. ISBN: 978-1-581103-13-7. Full text

Natural Catastrophe Risk Management and Modelling : A Practitioner's Guide : e-Book. Mitchell-Wallace, K., Jones, M., Hillier, J. and Foote, M. Chichester, Wiley & Sons, 2017. ISBN: 978-1-1189-0606-4. Full text

Flood and coastal erosion risk management : a manual for economic appraisal : e-book. Penning-Rowsell, E.C., Priest, S., Parker, D., Morris, J., Tunstall, S., Viavattene, C., Chatterton, J. and Owen, D. Oxon, Routledge, 2013. ISBN: 978-0-2030-6639-3. Full text

Polish nature : our heritage and duty. Kalinowska, A. Warsaw, Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju Społeczno-Gospodarczego "Wiedza", cop, 2012. ISBN: 978-83-61865-20-9.


Transactions of the Association of European Schools of Planning : Open Access. Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP), Full text


ISI Journal Articles

Nganyanyuka, K.O., Martínez, J.A., Lungo, J., Verplanke, J.J. and Georgiadou, P.Y. Working with the Grain : How Amenable to Digital Transformation Are the Monitoring and Repair of Rural Water Points in Tanzania?. In: Information technologies and international development : ITID, 13 (2017) pp. 103-121. Full text | Full text

Mullissa, A.G., Tolpekin, V.A. and Stein, A. Scattering property based contextual PolSAR speckle filter. In: International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation : JAG, 63 (2017) pp. 78-89. Full text | Full text

De Souza, F.A.M., La Paix Puello, L., Brussel, M.J.G., Orrico, R. and van Maarseveen, M.F.A.M. Modelling the potential for cycling in access trips to bus, train and metro in Rio de Janeiro. In: Transportation research Part D : Transport and environment, 56 (2017) pp. 55-67. Full text | Full text

Belete, G.F., Voinov, A.A. and Morales, J.A. Designing the Distributed Model Integration Framework – DMIF. In: Environmental modelling and software, 94 (2017) pp. 112-126. Full text | Full text


Willemen, L. and Nangendo, G. Update Chapter 8. Presented at: Intergovernamental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, Third author meeting, Rome, Italy, 24-28 July 2017. 8 slides. Full text



ISI Journal Articles

Glynn, P.D., Voinov, A.A., Shapiro, C.D. and White, P.A. From data to decisions : Processing information, biases, and beliefs for improved management of natural resources and environments. In: Earth's future : open access, 5 (2017)4 pp. 356-378. Full text | Full text

Samat, A., Persello, C., Gamba, P., Liu, S., Abuduwaili, J. and Li, E. Supervised and Semi-Supervised Multi-View Canonical Correlation Analysis Ensemble for Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation in Remote Sensing Image Classification. In: Remote Sensing : open access, 9 (2017)4article no. 337, 28 p. Full text | Full text

Book Chapters

Reckien, D. Recent Harm, Problematic Impacts, and Socially Feasible Adaptation Options to Heatwaves and Heavy Rain Events in New York City. In: Climate Change Adaptation in North America : Fostering Resilience and the Regional Capacity to Adapt / edited by W. Leal Filho and J.M. Keenan. Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2017. ISBN: 978-3-319-53742-9. (Climate change management series). pp. 89-102. Full text | Full text

Conference Proceedings (full papers)

Hartanto, K., Grigolon, A.B., van Maarseveen, M.F.A.M. and Brussel, M.J.G. Developing a bikeability index in the context of transit-oriented development (TOD). In: Proceedings of teh 15th International Conference on Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management (CUPUM), 11-14 July 2017, Adelaide, Australia. 27 p. Full text

Huang, R., Grigolon, A.B., Madureira, A.M. and Brussel, M.J.G. Measuring transit-oriented development (TOD) network complementarity based on TOD node typology. In: Proceedings of World Symposium on Transport and Land Use Research 2017, 3-6 July 2017, Brisbane, Australia. 18 p. Full text


Morales, J.A., Stein, A., Flacke, J. and Zevenbergen, J.A. Predictive land value modelling using a geostatistical approach and space syntax in Guatemala City : powerpoint. Presented at: Spatial statistics 2017 : One world, one health, 4-7 July 2017, Lancaster, United Kingdom. 28 slides. Full text

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