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The core of GIScience: a systems-based approach (2013)
(PDF, 35 MB, ITC login required)
By V.A. Tolpekin and A. Stein (editors)
Enschede: University of Twente Faculty of Geo-Information and Earth Observation (ITC), 2013.
524 p. ISBN 978-90-3653-719-3.

This book is only available as e-book. For more information on this textbook please contact Mrs. M.T. Koelen


Chapter 1 System Earth: some theory on the system
Emile Dopheide, Freek van der Meer, Richard Sliuzas, Anne van der Veen, Alexey Voinov
Chapter 2 Physics
Wan Bakx, Klaus Tempfli, Valentyn Tolpekin, Tsehaie Woldai
Chapter 3 Spatial referencing and satellite-based positioning
Richard Knippers, Klaus Tempfli
Chapter 4 Sensors
Wim Bakker, Wan Bakx, Wietske Bijker, Karl Grabmaier, Lucas Janssen, John Horn, Gerrit Huurneman, Freek van der Meer, Christine Pohl, Klaus Tempfli, Valentyn Tolpekin, Tsehaie Woldai
Chapter 5 Pre-processing
Wan Bakx, Ben Gorte, Wim Feringa, Karl Grabmaier, Lucas Janssen, Norman Kerle, Gabriel Parodi, Anupma Prakash, Ernst Schetselaar, Klaus Tempfli, Michael Weir
Chapter 6 Image analysis
Wan Bakx, Lucas Janssen, Ernst Schetselaar, Klaus Tempfli, Valentyn Tolpekin, Eduard Westinga
Chapter 7 Models and modelling
Rolf de By, Menno-Jan Kraak, Otto Huisman
Chapter 8 Spatial data modelling, collection and management
Rolf de By, Otto Huisman, Richard Knippers, Menno-Jan Kraak, Alfred Stein
Chapter 9 Analysis and process modelling
Rolf de By, Otto Huisman, Menno-Jan Kraak
Chapter 10 Visualization and dissemination
Rolf de By, Otto Huisman, Menno-Jan Kraak
Chapter 11 Data Integration
Dinand Alkema, Wietske Bijker, Ali Sharifi, Zoltan Vekerdy, Wouter Verhoef
Chapter 12
Use and users
Corné van Elzakker, Yola Georgiadou, Thomas Groen, Norman Kerle, Joan Looijen, Andrew Skidmore, Richard Sliuzas, Alexey Voinov, Eduard Westinga


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