ITC Academic Output

Natural Resources Management (NRM) 2008

Aabeyir, R. (2008) Analysis of factors affecting fuelwood collection in Dawadawa and Kunsu in Kintampo north district of Ghana. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Addae-Wireko, L. (2008) Mapping distribution of butterflies in central Bobiri forest reserve and investigation of logging and stage of regeneration on butterfly species richness and diversity. Enschede, ITC, 2008. Full text

Agustina, S.R. (2008) Land use - farming system and livelihood changes in the upper catchment of lake naivasha, Kenya. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Alem, N. (2008) Influence of vegetation types and environmental variables in structuring Podarcis Erhardii spatial heterogeneity in Crete, Greece. Enschede, ITC, 2008. Full text

Ampofo, S. (2008) Agricultural expansion and land cover change in the Volta Gorge area, Ghana. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Andriani, R. (2008) Indonesia's biofuels policy and its potential impact on deforestation. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Asare, K.D. (2008) Can participatory geographioc information systems PGIS enhance knowledge of customary land rights and boundaries ? : a case study of Gbawe, Greater Accra, Ghana. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Batkhuyag, O. (2008) Spectral indicators for assessing the effect of hydrocarbon leakage on vegetation. Enschede, ITC, 2008. Full text

Calys-Tagoe, E. (2008) Comparative analysis of indigenous and technical knowledge of soil suitability for cocoa, citrus and oil palm : a case study in the Ejisu - Juabeng district in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Chen Hui (2008) The possibility of assessing heavy metal concentrations in plants, reed, along Le An River, China, using hyperspectral data. Enschede, ITC, 2008. Full text

Chen Yiyun (2008) Feasibility of estimating heavy metal concentrations in Le An river, China using hyperspectral data coupled to partial least squares regression analysis. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Deo, R.K. (2008) Modelling and mapping of above - ground biomass and carbon sequestration in the cool temperate forest of north - east China. Enschede, ITC, 2008. Full text

Elifas, G. (2008) Participation GIS and mapping as a tool to support indigenous San Bushmen livelihood : case study : Tsumkwe west, Otjozondjupa region Namibia. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Fauzia, I. (2008) Spatial information sharing to enhance local based management : an analysis of institutional and organizational aspect of Lake Naivasha as a Ramsar site. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Feng Dong (2008) Geographical distribution of heavy metals along Le an river and their impact on residents nearby. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Ghawana, T. (2008) Flowering economy of Naivasha : impacts of major farming systems on the local economy. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

González Terrazas, D.I. (2008) Prioritization of municipalities for the application of environmental policies in the basin of Lake Cuitzeo : a spatial multi - criteria analysis approach. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Gwenzi, D. (2008) Spaceborne LIDAR canopy height estimation for aboveground forest biomass assessment in the cool montane area of North East China. Enschede, ITC, 2008. Full text

Hantal, Y.N. (2008) Application of fuzzy rule based modelling to soil properties mapping and comparison of the results with the geopedologic map : the case of Nam Chun, Thailand. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Juarez Orozco, S. (2008) Forest fire risk model for Michoacan, Mexico. Enschede, ITC, 2008. Full text

Kayijamahe, E. (2008) Spatial modelling of mountain gorilla, Gorilla beringei beringei, habitat suitability and human impact : Virunga volcanoes mountains, Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Enschede, ITC, 2008. Full text

Kiama, S.M. (2008) Exploring application of remote sensing in estimating crop evapotranspiration : comparison of S-SEBI algorithm and adapted FAO 56 model using Landsat TM 5 and MODIS. Enschede, ITC, 2008. Full text

Kyuma, R. (2008) A dry season grazing reserves site selection model for drought management in the pastoral production system. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Li Wei (2008) Estimating heavy metals contamination in floodplain soils along Le An River, China, using hyperspectral data. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Lima, P. (2008) Tourism impact on nesting habitat of loggerhead sea turtle in Crete, Greece. Enschede, ITC, 2008. Full text

Liu Miao (2008) Monitoring sediments and dredging activities in Poyang Lake, China. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Madyaka, M. (2008) Spatial modelling and prediction of soil salinization using Saltmod in a GIS environment. Enschede, ITC, 2008. Full text

Mahdi Al-Amiri, M.H. (2008) Application of RS - GIS for monitoring the Mesopotamian marshlands restoration, Al-Howaiza marsh. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Manyenye, H.N.S. (2008) Identification and mapping risk areas for zebra poaching : a case of Tarangire national park, Tanzania. Enschede, ITC, 2008. Full text

Matakala, M. (2008) GIS and remote sensing for fire scar mapping in Batsumber, Mongolia. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Mawuli Gbekor (2008) An assessment of land use, land cover LULC change within the Owabi catchment. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Mensah, S. (2008) Assessing and modelling forest degradation using remote sensing and GIS. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Mohammed, Y. (2008) Modelling forest fire risk using remote sensing and GIS : a case study in the Afram headwaters forest reserve of the transitional forest zone of Ghana. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Muchemwa, K. (2008) Exploring geo - information and remote sensing techniques to detect sudden and gradual land - cover change in Zimbabwe. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Munawwaroh, M. (2008) Quantifying the impact of land unit based on dominant soil and morphogenetic types on yield of rainfed wheat in Andalucía, Spain. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Mweemba, M.C. (2008) Human - wildlife conflict management in Mosi-OA-Tunya national park and Simonga village : an application of PGIS in Zambia. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Nyafwono, M. (2008) RS and GIS to map the hotspots of elephant poaching in Meru national park, Kenya. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Okyere, T. (2008) Post - forest fire rehabilitation assessment using remote sensing and GIS techniques : implications for fire management. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Sapkota, R. (2008) Modelling runoff and erosion in Namchun watershed, Thailand. Enschede, ITC, 2008. Full text

Tejada Pinell, G. (2008) Opportunities of Bolivia in the context of reducing emissions for deforestation in developing countries REDD, in the post-2012 climate policy. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Thapaliya, K. (2008) Analysis of factors related to the distribution of red deer, Cervus elephus L., in Hustai national park, Mongolia. Enschede, ITC, 2008. Full text

Tran Van, T. (2008) Quantifying spatial and temporal patterns of the water related yield gap, using synoptic data and a dynamic crop growth model PSn : a case study of sunflower in Andalucia, Spain. Enschede, ITC, 2008. Full text

Tutu Benefoh, D. (2008) Assessing the effects of land - use or cover change on ecosystem services in Ejisu - Juaben district, Ghana : the case study of carbon sequestration. Enschede, ITC, 2008. Full text

Wairmahing, P.P. (2008) Land suitability analysis using GIS and SMCE for residential expansion : a case study in Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Wejuli, W.W. (2008) The effect of rainfall amount in the spatial structure of hillslope sediment production in Wanale watershed, Uganda. Enschede, ITC, 2008. Full text

Wu Hao (2008) Spatial analysis of the impact of dredging induced increased water turbidity on the visual acuity of great Cormorants in Poyang lake, China. Enschede, ITC, 2008. Full text

Yang Yan (2008) Analysis on the changes of water environment in urban area : case study in Hanyang distict of Wuhan, China. Enschede, ITC, 2008.

Zhang Junjie (2008) Derivation of forest type information from large footprint spaceborne LIDAR waveforms : a case study in coll temperate forests of Northeastern China. Enschede, ITC, 2008. Full text

Nyandwi, E. (2008) Road edge effect on forest canopy structure and epiphyte biodiversity in a tropical mountainous rainforest, Nyungwe national park, Rwanda. Enschede, ITC, 2008. Full text

Xiao, J. (2008) Change detection of hydro - acoustic environment for Yangtze finless porpoise using remote sensing in Poyang lake. Enschede, ITC, 2008. Full text

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