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ISI Journal Articles 2007

Aditya, T. and Kraak, M.J. (2007) Aim4GDI : facilitating the synthesis of GDI resources through mapping and superimpositions of metadata summaries. In: Geoinformatica : an international journal on advances of computer science for geographic information systems, 11 (2007)4 pp. 459-478. Full text | Full text

Beck, P.S.A., Jöhnsson, P., Høgda, K.A., Karlsen, S.R., Eklundh, L. and Skidmore, A.K. (2007) A ground - validated NDVI dataset for monitoring vegetation dynamics and mapping phenology in Fennoscandia and the Kola peninsula. In: International journal of remote sensing, 28 (2007)19 pp. 4311-4330. Full text | Full text

Arciniegas, G.A., Bijker, W., Kerle, N. and Tolpekin, V.A. (2007) Coherence- and amplitude based analysis of seismogenic damage in Bam, Iran, using ENVISAT ASAR data. In: IEEE Transactions on geoscience and remote sensing, 45 (2007)6 pp. 1571-1581. Full text

Umamaheshwaran, R., Bijker, W. and Stein, A. (2007) Image mining for modeling of forest fires from meteosat images. In: IEEE Transactions on geoscience and remote sensing, 45 (2007)1 pp. 246-253. Full text

Molden, D.J., Burton, M.A. and Bos, M.G. (2007) Performance assessment, irrigation service delivery and poverty reduction : benefits of improved system management. In: Irrigation and drainage, 56(2007)2-3, pp. 307-320. Full text

Castellanos Abella, E.A. and van Westen, C.J. (2007) Generation of a landslide risk index map for Cuba using spatial multi-criteria evaluation. In: Landslides : journal of the International Consortium on Landslides, 4 (2007)4 pp. 311-325. Full text | Full text

Cho, M.A., Skidmore, A.K., Corsi, F., van Wieren, S.E. and Sobhan, I. (2007) Estimation of green grass - herb biomass from airborne hyperspectral imagery using spectral indices and partial least squares regression. In: International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation : JAG, 9 (2007)4 pp. 414-424. Full text | Full text

Dilo, A., de By, R.A. and Stein, A. (2007) A system of types and operators for handling vague spatial objects. In: International journal of geographical information science : IJGIS, 21 (2007)4 pp. 397-426. Full text | Full text

Farifteh, J., van der Meer, F.D., Atzberger, C.G. and Carranza, E.J.M. (2007) Quantitative analysis of salt - affected soil reflectance spectra : a comparison of two adaptive methods, PLSR and ANN. In: Remote sensing of environment, 110 (2007)1 pp. 59-78. Full text | Full text

Farifteh, J., van der Meer, F.D. and Carranza, E.J.M. (2007) Similarity measures for spectral discrimination of salt-affected soils. In: International journal of remote sensing, 28 (2007)23 pp. 5273-5293. Full text | Full text

Ferwerda, J.G., de Leeuw, J., Atzberger, C.G. and Vekerdy, Z. (2007) Satellite - based monitoring of tropical seagrass vegetation : current techniques and future developments. In: Hydrobiologia, 591(2007)1, pp. 59-71. Full text | Full text

Ferwerda, J.G. and Skidmore, A.K. (2007) Can nutrient status of four woody plant species be predicted using field spectrometry?. In: ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 62 (2007)6 pp. 406-414. Full text | Full text

Akbari, M., Toomanian, N., Droogers, P., Bastiaanssen, W.G.M. and Gieske, A.S.M. (2007) Monitoring irrigation performance in Esfahan, Iran, using NOAA satellite imagery. In: Agricultural water management, 88 (2007)3 pp. 99-109. Full text | Full text

Guofeng Wu, de Leeuw, J., Skidmore, A.K. and ... [et al.] (2007) Concurrent monitoring of vessels and water turbidity enhances the strength of evidence in remotely sensed dredging impact assessment. In: Water research, 41(2007)15, pp. 3271-3280. Full text

Guofeng Wu, Yaolin Liu and Wang, T.J. (2007) Methods and strategy for modeling daily global solar radiation with measured meteorological data : a case study in Nanchang station, China. In: Energy conversion and management, 48(2007)9, pp. 2447-2452. Full text

Hack, H.R.G.K., Alkema, D. and ... [et al.] (2007) Influence of earthquakes on the stability of slopes. In: Engineering geology, 91 (2007)1 pp. 4-15. Full text | Full text

Hengl, T., Heuvelink, G.B.M. and Rossiter, D.G. (2007) About regression - kriging : from equations to case studies. In: Computers and geosciences, 33 (2007)10 pp. 1301-1315. Full text | Full text

de Jong, S.M. and Jetten, V.G. (2007) Estimating spatial patterns of rainfall interception from remotely sensed vegetation indices and spectral mixture analysis. In: International journal of geographical information science : IJGIS, 21 (2007)5 pp. 529-545. Full text | Full text

Hessel, R. and Jetten, V.G. (2007) Suitability of transport equations in modelling soil erosion for a small loess plateau catchment. In: Engineering geology, 91 (2007)1 pp. 56-71. Full text | Full text

Maneta, M.P., Pasternack, G.B., Wallender, W.W., Jetten, V.G. and Schnabel, S. (2007) Temporal instability of parameters in an event - based distributed hydrologic model applied to a small semiarid catchment. In: Journal of hydrology, 341 (2007)3-4 pp. 207-221. Full text | Full text

Andrienko, G., Andrienko, N., Jankowski, P., Keim, D.A., Kraak, M.J. and ... [et al.] (2007) Geovisual analytics for spatial decision support : setting the research agenda. In: International journal of geographical information science : IJGIS, 21 (2007)8 pp. 839-857. Full text | Full text

Li, L. and Yu, Q. (2007) Quantifying the effects of advection on canopy energy budgets and water use efficiency in an irrigated wheat field in the North China plains. In: Agricultural water management, 89 (2007)1-2 pp. 116-122. Full text | Full text

Srivastav, S.K., Lubczynski, M.W. and Biyani, A.K. (2007) Upscaling of transmissivity, derived from specific capacity : a hydrogeomorphological approach applied to the Doon Valley aquifer system in India. In: Hydrogeology journal : official journal of the International Association of Hydrogeologists : IAH, 15 (2007)7 pp. 1251-1264. Full text | Full text

Tweed, S.O., Leblanc, M., Webb, J.A. and Lubczynski, M.W. (2007) Remote sensing and GIS for mapping groundwater recharge and discharge areas in salinity prone catchments, Southeastern Australia. In: Hydrogeology journal : official journal of the International Association of Hydrogeologists : IAH, 15 (2007)1 pp. 75-96. Full text | Full text

Minang, P.A., McCall, M.K. and Bressers, J.Th.A. (2007) Community capacity for implementing clean development mechanism projects within community forests in Cameroon. In: Environmental Management, 39 (2007)5 pp. 615-630. Full text | Full text

Minang, P.A., Bressers, J.Th.A., Skutsch, M.M. and McCall, M.K. (2007) National forest policy as a platform for biosphere carbon management : the case of community forestry in Cameroon. In: Environmental science and policy, 10(2007)3, pp. 204-218. Full text | Full text

Mutanga, O. and Skidmore, A.K. (2007) Red edge shift and biochemical content in grass canopies. In: ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 62 (2007)1 pp. 34-42. Full text | Full text

Nangendo, G., Skidmore, A.K. and van Oosten, H.H. (2007) Mapping East African tropical forests and woodlands : a comparison of classifiers. In: ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 61 (2007)6 pp. 393-404. Full text | Full text

Clements, C.A., Pffeiffer, D.U., Martin, V., Pittiglio, C. and ... [et al.] (2007) Spatial risk assessment of rift valley fever in Senegal. In: Vector - borne and zoonotic diseases, 7(2007)2, pp. 203-216. Full text | Full text

de Vos, N.J. and Rientjes, T.H.M. (2007) Multi - objective performance comparison of an artificial neural network and a conceptual rainfall - runoff model. In: Hydrological sciences journal, 52 (2007)3 pp. 397-413. Full text

Rossiter, D.G. (2007) Classification of urban and industrial soils in the world reference base for soil resouces. In: Journal of soils and sediments, 7(2007)2, pp. 96-100. Full text

Taleai, M., Sharifi, M.A., Sliuzas, R.V. and Mesgari, M.S. (2007) Evaluating the compatibility of multi - functional and intensive urban land uses. In: International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation : JAG, 9 (2007)4 pp. 375-391. Full text | Full text

Omuto, C.T. and Shrestha, D.P. (2007) Remote sensing techniques for rapid detection of soil physical degradation. In: International journal of remote sensing, 28 (2007)21 pp. 4785-4805. Full text | Full text

Leyequien, E., Verrelst, J., Slot, M., Schaepman-Strub, G., Heitkönig, I.M.A. and Skidmore, A.K. (2007) Capturing the fugitive : applying remote sensing to terrestrial animal distribution and diversity : review + errata. In: International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation : JAG, 9 (2007)1 pp. 1-20. Full text | Full text | Full text | Full text

Mahajan, A.K., Slob, S., Ranjan, R., Sporry, R.J., Champati Rah, P.K. and van Westen, C.J. (2007) Seismic microzonation of Dehradun City using geophysical and geotechnical characteristics in the upper 30 m of soil column. In: Journal of Seismology, 11 (2007)4 pp. 355-370. Full text | Full text

Lesschen, J.P., Stoorvogel, J.J., Smaling, E.M.A., Heuvelink, G.B.M. and Veldkamp, A. (2007) A spatially explicit methodology to quantify soil nutrient balances and their uncertainties at the national level. In: Nutrient cycling in agroecosystems, 78(2007)2, pp. 111-131. Full text | Full text

Mahajan, A.K., Sporry, R.J., Champati Ray, P.K., Ranjan R., Slob, S. and van Westen, C.J. (2007) Methodology for site - response studies using multi - channel analysis of surface wave technique in Dehradun city. In: Current Science, 92(2007)7, pp. 945-955. Full text | Full text

Heijting, S., van der Werf, W., Kruijer, W. and Stein, A. (2007) Testing the spatial significance of weed patterns in arable land using Mead's test. In: Weed Research, 47(2007)8, pp. 396-405. Full text

Heijting, S., van der Werf, W., Stein, A. and Kropff, M.J. (2007) Are weed patches stable in location? application of an explicitly two - dimensional methodology. In: Weed Research, 47(2007)8, pp. 381-395. Full text

Kruijer, W., Stein, A. and ... [et al.] (2007) Analyzing spatial count data with an application to weed counts. In: Environmental and Ecological Statistics, 14 (2007)4 pp. 399-410. Full text | Full text

Strobl, R.O., Robillard, P.D. and Debels, P. (2007) Critical sampling points methodology : case studies of geographically diverse watersheds. In: Environmental monitoring and assessment, 129 (2007)1-3 pp. 115-131. Full text | Full text

Strobl, R.O. and Forte, F. (2007) Artificial neural network exploration of the influential factors in drainage network derivation. In: Hydrological processes, 21 (2007)22 pp. 2965-2978. Full text | Full text

Ma, Y., Song, M., Ishikawa, H., Yang, K., Koike, T., Jia, L., Menenti, M. and Su, Z. (2007) Estimation of the regional evaporative fraction over the Tibetan plateau area by using landsat-7 ETM data and the field observations. In: Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan : open access, 85A (2007) pp. 295-309. Full text | Full text

Oku, Y., Ishikawa, H. and Su, Z. (2007) Estimation of land surface heat fluxes over the Tibetan plateau using GMS data. In: Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology : partly open access, 46 (2007)2 pp. 183-195. Full text

Su, H., Wood, E.F., McCabe, M.F. and Su, Z. (2007) Evaluation of remotely sensed evapotranspiration over the CEOP EOP-1 reference sites. In: Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan : open access, 85A (2007) pp. 439-459. Full text | Full text

Teixeira, C., Bastiaanssen, W.G.M. and Bassoi, L.H. (2007) Crop water parameters of irrigated wine and table grapes to support water productivity analysis in the Sao Francisco river basin, Brazil. In: Agricultural water management, 94 (2007)1-3 pp. 31-42. Full text | Full text

Huang, D., Knyazikhin, Y., Dickinson, R.E., Rautiainen, M., Stenberg, P., Disney, M., Lewis, P., Cescatti, A., Tian, Y., Verhoef, W. and ... [et al.] (2007) Canopy spectral invariants for remote sensing and model applications. In: Remote sensing of environment, 106 (2007)1 pp. 106-122. Full text | Full text

Zhu, Q., Wu, B. and Tian, Y. (2007) Propagation strategies for stereo image matching based on the dynamic triangle constraint. In: ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 62 (2007)4 pp. 295-308. Full text | Full text

Timmermans, W.J., Kustas, W.P., Anderson, M.C. and French, A.N. (2007) An intercomparison of the Surface Energy Balance Algorithm for Land SEBAL and the Two - Source Energy Balance TSEB modeling schemes. In: Remote sensing of environment, 108 (2007)4 pp. 369-384. Full text | Full text

Turdukulov, U.D., Kraak, M.J. and Blok, C.A. (2007) Designing a visual environment for exploration of time series of remote sensing data : in search for convective clouds. In: Computers and Graphics, 31(2007)3, pp. 370-379. Full text | Full text

Vaiphasa, C., Skidmore, A.K. and ... [et al.] (2007) A hyperspectral band selector for plant species discrimination. In: ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 62 (2007)3 pp. 225-235. Full text | Full text

Vaiphasa, C., de Boer, W.F., Skidmore, A.K. and ... [et al.] (2007) Impact of solid shrimp pond waste materials on mangrove growth and mortality : a case study from Pak Phanang, Thailand. In: Hydrobiologia, 591(2007)1, pp. 47-57. Full text | Full text

van de Vlag, D.E. and Stein, A. (2007) Incorporating uncertainty via hierarchical classification using fuzzy decision trees. In: IEEE Transactions on geoscience and remote sensing, 45 (2007)1 pp. 237-245. Full text

van der Tol, C. and ... [et al.] (2007) Topography induced spatial variations in diurnal cycles of assimilation and latent heat of mediterranean forest. In: Biogeosciences, BG : open access, 4 (2007)1 pp. 137-154. Full text | Full text

Kolkman, M.J., van der Veen, A. and Geurts, P.A.T.M. (2007) Controversies in water management : frames and mental models. In: Environmental impact assessment review, 27 (2007)7 pp. 658-706. Full text | Full text

van der Werff, H.M.A., van Ruitenbeek, F.J.A., van der Meijde, M., van der Meer, F.D. and ... [et al.] (2007) Rotation - variant template matching for supervised hyperspectral boundary detection. In: IEEE Geoscience and remote sensing letters, 4 (2007)1 pp. 70-74. Full text

Kuenzer, C., Zhang, J., Tetzlaff, A., van Dijk, P.M. and ... [et al.] (2007) Uncontrolled coal fires and their environmental impacts : investigating two arid mining regions in North - Central China. In: Applied geography, 27 (2007)1 pp. 42-62. Full text | Full text

Olofsson, P., van Laake, P.E. and Eklundh, L. (2007) Estimation of absorbed PAR across Scandinavia from satellite measurements : Part I: Incident PAR. In: Remote sensing of environment, 110 (2007)2 pp. 252-261. Full text | Full text

Skutsch, M.M., Bird, N., Trines, E., Dutschke, M., Frumhoff, P., de Jong, B.H.J., van Laake, P.E. and ... [et al.] (2007) Clearing the way for reducing emissions from tropical deforestation. In: Environmental science and policy, 10(2007)4, pp. 322-334. Full text | Full text

Verhoef, W. and Bach, H. (2007) Coupled soil - leaf - canopy and atmosphere radiative transfer modeling to simulate hyperspectral multi - angular surface reflectance and TOA radiance data. In: Remote sensing of environment, 109 (2007)2 pp. 166-182. Full text | Full text

Verhoef, W., Jia, L., Xiao, Q. and Su, Z. (2007) Unified optical - thermal four - stream radiative transfer theory for homogeneous vegetation canopies. In: IEEE Transactions on geoscience and remote sensing, 45 (2007)6 pp. 1808-1822. Full text

Widlowski, J.-L., Taberner, M., Pinty, B., Bruniquel-Pinel, V., Disney, M., Fernandes, R., Gastellu-Etchegorry, J.-P., Gobron, N., Kuusk, A., Lavergne, T., Leblanc, S., Lewis, P.E., Martin, E., Mottus, M., North, P.R.J., Qin, W., Robustelli, M., Rochdi, N., Ruiloba, R., Soler, C., Thompson, R., Verhoef, W. and ... [et al.] (2007) Third radiation transfer model intercomparison RAMI exercise : documenting progress in canopy reflectance models. In: Journal of geophysical research : D: Atmospheres, 112 (2007)9 article no. D09111, 28 p. Full text

Rabbani, T., Dijkman, S., van den Heuvel, F. and Vosselman, G. (2007) An integrated approach for modelling and global registration of point clouds. In: ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 61 (2007)6 pp. 355-370. Full text | Full text

Cheng, H., Wei, O. and ... [et al.] (2007) The non - point source pollution in livestock - breeding areas of the Heihe river basin in Yellow river. In: Stochastic environmental research and risk assessment, 21(2007)2, pp. 213-221. Full text

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