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ISI Journal Articles 2002

Bakker, W.H. and Schmidt, K.S. (2002) Hyperspectral edge filtering for measuring homogeneity of surface cover types. In: ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 56 (2002)4 pp. 246-256. Full text | Full text

Becht, R. and Harper, D.M. (2002) Towards an understanding of human impact upon the hydrology of Lake Naivasha, Kenya. In: Hydrobiologia, 488(2002)1-3. pp. 1-11. Full text

Carranza, E.J.M. and Hale, M. (2002) Spatial association of mineral occurences and curvilinear geological features. In: Mathematical geology : the official journal of the International Association for Mathematical Geology, 34 (2002)2 pp. 199-217.

Carranza, E.J.M. and Hale, M. (2002) Mineral imaging with LANDSAT thematic mapper data for hydrothermal alteration mapping in heavily vegetated terrane. In: International journal of remote sensing, 23 (2002)22 pp. 4827-4852. Full text | Full text

de Vries, W.T. (2002) Implications of progressive title registration for cadastral information production : case study of Namibia. In: Survey review, 36 (2002)286 pp. 591-601.

Kerle, N. and Oppenheimer, C. (2002) Satellite remote sensing as a tool in Lahar disaster management. In: Disasters, 26 (2002)2 pp. 140-160. Full text | Full text

Kerle, N. (2002) Volume estimation of the 1998 flank collapse at Casita volcano, Nicaragua : a comparison of photogrammetric and conventional techniques. In: Earth surface processes and landforms, 27 (2002)7 pp. 759-772. Full text | Full text

Lawrence, W.T., Imhoff, M.L., Kerle, N. and Stutzer, D. (2002) Quantifying urban land use and impact on soils in Egypt using diurnal satellite imagery of the earth surface. In: International journal of remote sensing, 23 (2002)19 pp. 3921-3937. Full text | Full text

Khaemba, W.M. and Stein, A. (2002) Improved sampling of wildlife populations using airborne surveys. In: Wildlife Research, 29(2002), pp. 269-275. Full text

Lemmen, C.H.J. and van Oosterom, P.J.M. (2002) Cadastral systems II : editorial. In: Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 16 (2002)5 pp. 355-360. Full text

Lucieer, A. and Stein, A. (2002) Existential uncertainty of spatial objects segmented from satellite sensor imagery. In: IEEE Transactions on geoscience and remote sensing, 40 (2002)11 pp. 2518-2521. Full text

Nangendo, G., Stein, A., Gelens, M.F., de Gier, A. and Albricht, R.C. (2002) Quantifying differences in biodiversity between a tropical forest area and a grassland area subject to traditional burning. In: Forest ecology and management, 164 (2002)1 pp. 109-120. Full text

Oindo, B.O. and Skidmore, A.K. (2002) Interannual variability of NDVI and species richness in Kenya. In: International journal of remote sensing, 23 (2002)2 pp. 285-298. Full text | Full text

Sharifi, M.A. and Rodriguez, E. (2002) Design and development of a planning support system for policy formulation in water resources rehabilitation : the case of Alcazar De San Juan district in aquifer 23, La Mancha, Spain. In: Journal of Hydroinformatics, 4(2002)3, pp. 157-175. Full text

Kumar, L., Rietkerk, M., van Langevelde, F., van de Koppel, J., van Andel, J., Hearne, J., de Ridder, N.A., Stroosnijder, L., Skidmore, A.K. and Prins, H.H.T. (2002) Relationship between vegetation growth rates at the onset of the wet season and soil type in the Sahel of Burkina Faso : implications for resource utilisation at large scales. In: Ecological modelling, 149 (2002)1 pp. 143-152.

Rietkerk, M., Ouedraogo, T., Kumar, L., Sanou, S., van Langevelde, F., Kiema, A., van de Koppel, J., van Andel, J., Hearne, J., Skidmore, A.K., de Ridder, N.A., Stroosnijder, L. and Prins, H.H.T. (2002) Fine scale spatial distribution of plants and resources on a sandy soil in the Sahel. In: Plant and Soil, 239(2002)1, pp. 69-77. Full text | Full text

Boer, E.P.J., Dekkers, A.L.M. and Stein, A. (2002) Optimization of a monitoring network for sulfur dioxide. In: Journal of environmental quality JEQ, 31 (2002)1 pp. 121-128. Full text | Full text

Joao Paulo, M., Stein, A. and Tomé, M. (2002) A spatial statistical analysis of cork oak competition in two Portuguese silvopastoral systems. In: Canadian journal of forest research = Revue canadienne de recherche forestière, 32 (2002)11 pp. 1893-1903.

Van Bodegom, P.M., Verburg, P.H., Stein, A., Adiningsih, S. and Denier van der Gon, H.A.C. (2002) Effects of interpolation and data resolution on methane emission estimates from rice paddies. In: Environmental and Ecological Statistics, 9 (2002)1 pp. 5-26.

Clevers, J.G.P.W., de Jong, S.M., Epema, G.F., van der Meer, F.D., Bakker, W.H., Skidmore, A.K. and Scholte, K. (2002) Derivation of the red edge index using the MERIS standard band setting. In: International journal of remote sensing, 23 (2002)16 pp. 3169-3184. Full text | Full text

van der Meer, F.D. and Kato, V. (2002) Developing a schematic petrogenetic transect for a contact aureole using field spectrometry : a case study in Los Santos, Salamanca province, Central Western Spain. In: International journal of remote sensing, 23 (2002)23 pp. 5087-5094. Full text | Full text

van der Meer, F.D., van Dijk, P.M., van der Werff, H.M.A. and Yang Hong (2002) Remote sensing and petroleum seepage : a review and case study. In: Terra nova : the European journal of geosciences, 14 (2002)1 pp. 1-17. Full text

van der Molen, P. (2002) The dynamic aspect of land administration : an often forgotten component in system design. In: Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 26 (2002)5 pp. 361-381. Full text | Full text

Vrieling, A., Sterk, G. and Beaulieu, N. (2002) Erosion risk mapping : a methodological case study in the Colombian Eastern Plains. In: Journal of soil and water conservation, 57 (2002)3 pp. 158-163. Full text

Xuehua Liu, Skidmore, A.K., Wang, T.J., Yange Hong and Prins, H.H.T. (2002) Giant panda movements in Foping nature reserve, China. In: Journal of Wildlife Management, 66 (2002)4 pp. 1179-1188.

Xuehua Liu, Skidmore, A.K. and van Oosten, H.H. (2002) Integration of classification methods for improvement of land - cover map accuracy. In: ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 56 (2002)4 pp. 257-268. Full text | Full text

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