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ISI Journal Articles 2013

Gholamalifard, M., Kutser, T., Esmaili-Sari, A., Abkar, A.A. and Naimi, B. (2013) Remotely sensed empirical modeling of bathymetry in the southeastern Caspian Sea. In: Remote Sensing : open access, 5 (2013)6 pp. 2746-2762. Full text | Full text

Gholamalifard, M., Esmaili-Sari, A., Abkar, A.A., Naimi, B. and Kutser, T. (2013) Influence of vertical distribution of phytoplankton on remote sensing signal of Case II waters : southern Caspian Sea case study : open access. In: Journal of applied remote sensing, 7 (2013)1 art. no. 073550, 12 p. Full text | Full text

Gholamalifard, M., Esmaili-Sari, A., Abkar, A.A. and Naimi, B. (2013) Bathymetric modeling from satellite imagery via Single Band Algorithm (SBA) and Principal Components Analysis (PCA) in southern Caspian Sea. In: International Journal of Environmental Research : open access, 7(2013)4, pp. 877-886. Full text | Full text

Ali, A., de Bie, C.A.J.M., Skidmore, A.K., Scarrott, R.G., Hamad, A.A., Venus, V. and Lymberakis, P. (2013) Mapping land cover gradients through analysis of hyper - temporal NDVI imagery. In: International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation : JAG, 23 (2013) pp. 301-312. Full text | Full text

Ali, A., de Bie, C.A.J.M. and Skidmore, A.K. (2013) Detecting long - duration cloud contamination in hyper - temporal NDVI imagery. In: International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation : JAG, 24 (2013) pp. 22-31. Full text | Full text

Ali, Z., Zevenbergen, J.A. and Tuladhar, A.M. (2013) Quality assessment of the land administration system in Pakistan. In: Journal of spatial science, 58 (2013)1 pp. 119-146. Full text | Full text

Aljoufie, M., Zuidgeest, M.H.P., Brussel, M.J.G. and van Maarseveen, M.F.A.M. (2013) Spatial – temporal analysis of urban growth and transportation in Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia. In: Cities, 31 (2013) pp. 57–68. Full text | Full text

Aljoufie, M., Brussel, M.J.G., Zuidgeest, M.H.P. and van Maarseveen, M.F.A.M. (2013) Urban growth and transport infrastructure interaction in Jeddah between 1980 and 2007. In: International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation : JAG, 21 (2013) pp. 493-505. Full text | Full text

Aljoufie, M., Zuidgeest, M.H.P., Brussel, M.J.G., van Vliet, J. and van Maarseveen, M.F.A.M. (2013) A cellular automata - based land use and transport interaction model applied to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In: Landscape and urban planning, 112 (2013) pp. 89-99. Full text | Full text

Alsadik, B.S., Gerke, M. and Vosselman, G. (2013) Automated camera network design for 3D modeling of cultural heritage objects. In: Journal of Cultural Heritage, 14(2013)6, pp. 515-526. Full text | Full text

Augustijn, P.W.M. and Zurita-Milla, R. (2013) Self - organizing maps as an approach to exploring spatiotemporal diffusion patterns. In: International journal of health geographics : open access, 12 (2013) article no. 60, 14 p. Full text | Full text

Basuki, T.M., Skidmore, A.K., Hussin, Y.A. and van Duren, I.C. (2013) Estimating tropical forest biomass more accurately by integrating ALOS PALSAR and Landsat - 7 ETM+ data. In: International journal of remote sensing, 34 (2013)13 pp. 4871-4888. Full text | Full text

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Agunbiade, M.E., Rajabifard, A. and Bennett, R.M. (2013) Modes of housing production in developing countries: the contemporary role of land, labour, and capital in Lagos, Nigeria. In: Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, 28 (2013)2 pp. 363-379. Full text | Full text

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Bennett, R.M., Tambuwala, N., Rajabifard, A., Wallace, J. and Williamson, I. (2013) On recognizing land administration as critical, public good infrastructure. In: Land use policy, 30 (2013)1 pp. 84-93. Full text | Full text

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