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ISI Journal Articles 2001

de Leeuw, J., Waweru, M.N., Okello, O.O., Maloba, M., Nguru, P., Said, M.Y., Aligula, H.M., Heitkönig, I.M.A. and Reid, R.S. (2001) Distribution and diversity of wildlife in northern Kenya in relation to livestock and permanent water points. In: Biological conservation, 100 (2001)3 pp. 297-306. Full text | Full text

Donker, N.H.W. (2001) A simple rainfall - runoff model based on hydrological units applied to the Teba catchment, south - east Spain. In: Hydrological processes, 15 (2001)1 pp. 135-149. Full text | Full text

Asadi, H.H. and Hale, M. (2001) A predictive GIS model for mapping potential gold and base metal mineralization in Takab area, Iran. In: Computers and geosciences, 27 (2001)8 pp. 901-912. Full text | Full text

Asadi, H.H., Voncken, J.H.L. and Hale, M. (2001) Sulphosalts at Zarshuran Carlin - like gold deposit, northwest Iran : implications for gold mineralization. In: Transactions of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy : Section B : Applied earth science, 110 (2001) pp. B24-B32. Full text

Kerle, N. and van Wyk de Vries, N. (2001) The 1998 debris avalanche at Casita volcano, Nicaragua : investigation of structural deformation as the cause of slope instability using remote sensing. In: Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 105(2001)1, pp. 49-63. Full text | Full text

Khaemba, W.M. and Stein, A. (2001) Spatial statistics for modeling of abundance and distribution of wildlife species in the Masai Mara ecosystem, Kenya. In: Environmental and Ecological Statistics, 8 (2001)4 pp. 345-360. Full text

Khaemba, W.M., Stein, A., Rasch, D., de Leeuw, J. and Georgiadis, N.J. (2001) Empirically simulated study to compare and validate sampling methods used in aerial surveys of wildlife populations. In: African journal of ecology, 39 (2001)4 pp. 374-382. Full text

Lemmen, C.H.J. and van Oosterom, P.J.M. (2001) Cadastral systems : editorial. In: Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 25 (2001)4-5 pp. 319-324.

van Oosterom, P.J.M. and Lemmen, C.H.J. (2001) Spatial data management on a very large cadastral database. In: Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 25 (2001)4-5 pp. 509-528. Full text | Full text

Tao Cheng, Molenaar, M. and Hui Lin (2001) Formalizing fuzzy objects from uncertain classification results. In: International journal of geographical information science : IJGIS, 15 (2001)1 pp. 27-42. Full text | Full text

Goma, H.C., Rahim, K., Nangendo, G., Riley, J. and Stein, A. (2001) Participatory studies for agro - ecosystem evaluation. In: Agriculture, ecosystems and environment, 87 (2001)2 pp. 179-190. Full text | Full text

Oindo, B.O., Skidmore, A.K. and Prins, H.H.T. (2001) Body size and abundance relationship : an index of diversity for herbivores. In: Biodiversity and Conservation, 10(2001)11, pp. 1923-1931. Full text

Oindo, B.O., de By, R.A. and Skidmore, A.K. (2001) Environmental factors influencing bird species diversity in Kenya. In: African journal of ecology, 39 (2001)3 pp. 295-302.

Ottichilo, W.K. and Khaemba, W.M. (2001) Validation of observer and aircraft calibration for aerial surveys of animals. In: African journal of ecology, 39 (2001)1 pp. 45-50.

Schmidt, K.S. and Skidmore, A.K. (2001) Exploring spectral discrimination of grass species in African rangelands. In: International journal of remote sensing, 22 (2001)17 pp. 3421-3434. Full text | Full text

Delaney, J.L. and Skidmore, A.K. (2001) Classifying Eucalyptus forest vegetation data : a comparison of techniques. In: Australian forestry : a regional journal of forestry science and forest management, 64 (2001)1 pp. 14-25.

Salvatori, V., Egunyu, F., Skidmore, A.K., de Leeuw, J. and van Gils, H.A.M.J. (2001) The effects of fire and grazing pressure on vegetation cover and small mammal populations in the Maasai Mara national reserve. In: African journal of ecology, 39 (2001)2 pp. 200-204. Full text | Full text

van der Koppel, J., Rietkerk, M., van Langevelde, F., Kumar, L., Klausmeier, C.A., Fryxell, J.M., Hearne, J.W., van Andel, J., de Ridder, N.A., Skidmore, A.K. and ... [et al.] (2001) Spatial heterogeneity and irreversible vegetation change in semiarid grazing systems. In: The American Naturalist, 129(2001)2, pp. 209-218. Full text

Dekker, J.J.A., Stein, A. and Heitkönig, I.M.A. (2001) A spatial analysis of a population of red fox, Vulpes vulpes, in the Dutch coastal dune area. In: Journal of Zoology, 255(2001)4, pp. 505-510. Full text

Stein, A., Riley, J. and Halberg, N. (2001) Issues of scale for environmental indicators. In: Agriculture, ecosystems and environment, 87 (2001)2 pp. 215-232. Full text

Stein, A. (2001) Editorial : spatial statistics for production ecology and resource conservation. In: Environmental and Ecological Statistics, 8 (2001)4 pp. 293-295. Full text | Full text

Stein, A., van Lieshout, M.N.M. and Booltink, H.W.G. (2001) Spatial interaction of methylene blue stained soil pores. In: Geoderma, 102 (2001)1-2 pp. 101-121. Full text | Full text

Stolk, C., Stein, A. and ... [et al.] (2001) Exploring the foraging environment of a natural enemy of Callosobruchus maculatus : spatial egg distribution in stored cowpea. In: Entomologia experimentalis et applicata, 101(2001)2, pp. 167-181. Full text | Full text

van Soest, F., Stein, A., Dekkers, A.L.M. and van Duijvenbooden, W. (2001) A quantitative evaluation of monitoring networks for region - specific nitrate reduction policies. In: Journal of environmental management, 61 (2001)3 pp. 215-225. Full text

Brown, A., Emmer, N.N.M. and van den Worm, J. (2001) Cartographic design and production in the internet era : the example of tourist web maps. In: The cartographic journal, 38 (2001)1 pp. 61-72.

van der Meer, F.D., Bakker, W.H., Scholte, K., Skidmore, A.K. and de Jong, S.M. (2001) Spatial scale variations in vegetation indices and above - ground biomass estimates : implications for MERIS. In: International journal of remote sensing, 22 (2001)17 pp. 3381-3396. Full text | Full text

van der Molen, P. (2001) Cost recovery for land administration. In: Survey review, 36 (2001)282 pp. 241-248. Full text | Full text

Simon van Leeuwen, A.W., van Elzakker, C.P.J.M. and Massop, E. (2001) Investigations into the use of Dutch cycling maps and their results. In: The cartographic journal, 38 (2001)1 pp. 41-47.

Prakash, A., Fielding, E.J., Gens, R., van Genderen, J.L. and Evans, D.L. (2001) Data fusion for investigating land subsidence and coal fire hazards in a coal mining area. In: International journal of remote sensing, 22 (2001)6 pp. 921-932. Full text | Full text

Zinck, J.A. and Sayago, J.M. (2001) Climatic periodicity during the late Pleistocene from a loess - paleosol sequence in northwest Argentina. In: Quaternary International, 78(2001)1, pp. 11-16.

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