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ISI Journal Articles 2000

Asadi Haroni, H., Voncken, J.H.L., Kühnel, R.A. and Hale, M. (2000) Petrography, mineralogy and geochemistry of the Zarshuran Carlin - like gold deposit. In: Mineralium deposita : international journal for geology, mineralogy and geochemistry of mineral deposits, 35 (2000)7 pp. 656-671. Full text | Full text

Eleveld, M.A., Blok, S.T. and Bakx, J.P.G. (2000) Deriving relief of a coastal landscape with aerial video data. In: International journal of remote sensing, 21 (2000)1 pp. 189-195. Full text | Full text

Acharya, B., Bhattarai, G., de Gier, A. and Stein, A. (2000) Systematic adaptive cluster sampling for the assessment of rare tree species in Nepal. In: Forest ecology and management, 137 (2000)1-3 pp. 65-73. Full text | Full text

Hack, H.R.G.K. (2000) Geophysics for slope stability. In: Surveys in Geophysics, 21(2000), pp. 423-448. Full text

Lagmay, A.M.E., van Wyk de Vries, B., Kerle, N. and Pyle, D.M. (2000) Volcano instability induced by strike - slip faulting. In: Bulletin of volcanology, 62 (2000)4-5 pp. 331-346. Full text | Full text

van Wyk de Vries, B., Kerle, N. and Peltey, D. (2000) Sector collapse forming at Casita volcano, Nicaragua. In: Geology, 28 (2000)2 pp. 167-170. Full text | Full text

Khaemba, W.M. and Stein, A. (2000) Use of GIS for a spatial and temporal analysis of Kenyan wildlife with generalised linear modelling : research article. In: International journal of geographical information science : IJGIS, 14 (2000)8 pp. 833-853. Full text | Full text

Mannaerts, C.M. and Gabriels, D. (2000) Rainfall erosivity in Cape Verde : short communication. In: Soil & tillage research, 55 (2000) Full text | Full text

Mannaerts, C.M. and Gabriels, D. (2000) A probabilistic approach for predicting rainfall soil erosion losses in semiarid areas. In: Catena, 40 (2000)4 pp. 403-420. Full text | Full text

Martínez, J.A. (2000) Evaluating housing needs with the use of GIS. In: Habitat International : A Journal for the Study of Human Settlements, 24 (2000)4 pp. 501-515. Full text | Full text

Ottichilo, W.K., de Leeuw, J. and Prins, H.H.T. (2000) Population trends of resident wildebeest - Connochaetes taurinus hecki - Neumann - and factors influencing them in the Masai Mara ecosystem, Kenya. In: Biological conservation, 97 (2000)3 pp. 271-282. Full text

Ottichilo, W.K., de Leeuw, J., Skidmore, A.K., Prins, H.H.T. and Said, M.Y. (2000) Population trends of large non - migratory wild herbivores and livestock in the Masai Mara ecosystem, Kenya, between 1977 and 1997. In: African journal of ecology, 38 (2000)3 pp. 202-216. Full text

Kumar, L. and Skidmore, A.K. (2000) Radiation - vegetation relationships in a Eucalyptus forest. In: PE&RS = Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, 66 (2000)2 pp. 193-204. Full text | Full text

Bechini, L., Ducco, G., Donatelli, M. and Stein, A. (2000) Modelling, interpolation and stochastic simulation in space and time of global solar radiation. In: Agriculture, ecosystems and environment, 81 (2000)1 pp. 29-42. Full text | Full text

Gandah, M., Stein, A., Brouwer, J. and Bouma, J. (2000) Dynamics of spatial variability of millet growth and yields at three sites in Niger, West Africa and implications for precision agriculture research. In: Agricultural systems, 63 (2000)2 pp. 123-140. Full text | Full text

Guimaraes Couto, E., Klamt, E. and Stein, A. (2000) Estimativa do teor de argila e do potassio trocavel em solos esparsamente amostrados no sul do estado de mato grosso. In: Revista Brasileira de Ciencia do Solo, 24(2000)1, pp. 129-140.

Okx, J.P. and Stein, A. (2000) Use of decision trees to value investigation strategies for soil pollution problems. In: Environmetrics, 11(2000)3, pp. 315-325. Full text | Full text

Okx, J.P. and Stein, A. (2000) An expert support model for in situ soil remediation. In: Water, air and soil pollution, 118(2000)3-4, pp. 357-375. Full text | Full text

Stein, A. and Goudriaan, J. (2000) Spatial statistics for production ecology : editorial. In: Agriculture, ecosystems and environment, 81 (2000)1 pp. 1-3. Full text | Full text

van Dijk, H.F.G., Brussaard, L., Stein, A. and ... [et al.] (2000) Field research for the authorisation of pesticides. In: Ecotoxicology, 9(2000)6, pp. 377-381. Full text | Full text

van Groenigen, J.W., Pieters, G. and Stein, A. (2000) Optimizing spatial sampling for multivariate contamination in urban areas. In: Environmetrics, 11(2000)2, pp. 227-244. Full text

van Leeuwen, G.C.M., Stein, A., Holb, I. and Jeger, M.J. (2000) Yield loss in apple caused by Monilinia fructigena, Aderh. & Ruhl., honey, and spatio - temporal dynamics of disease development. In: European journal of plant pathology, 106(2000)6, pp. 519-528. Full text | Full text

van Lienen, F., Frapporti, G. and Stein, A. (2000) Construction of maps for soil recycling in regional infrastructural works integrating soil - quality laws. In: Netherlands Journal of Geosciences : Geologie en Mijnbouw, 79 (2000)4 pp. 449-457. Full text | Full text

Verhagen, J., Stein, A. and Epinat, V. (2000) Use of wavelets to compare simulated yield patterns for precision agriculture at the field scale. In: Precision agriculture, 2(2000)4, pp. 333-346. Full text | Full text

van der Meer, F.D. (2000) Geophysical inversion of imaging spectrometer data for geologic modelling. In: International journal of remote sensing, 21 (2000)2 pp. 387-393. Full text | Full text

van der Meer, F.D. (2000) Spectral curve shape matching with a continuum removed CCSM algorithm. In: International journal of remote sensing, 21 (2000)16 pp. 3179-3185. Full text | Full text

van der Meer, F.D. and de Jong, S.M. (2000) Improving the results of spectral unmixing of LANDSAT thematic mapper imagery by enhancing the orthogonality of end - members. In: International journal of remote sensing, 21 (2000)15 pp. 2781-2797. Full text | Full text

Yang Hong, Zhang, J., van der Meer, F.D. and Kroonenberg, S.B. (2000) Imaging spectrometry data correlated to hydrocarbon microseepage. In: International journal of remote sensing, 21 (2000)1 pp. 197-202. Full text | Full text

van Duren, I.C. and Pegtel, D.M. (2000) Nutrient limitations in wet, drained and rewetted fen meadows : evaluation of methods and results. In: Plant and soil, 220(2000)1-2, pp. 35-47. Full text | Full text

van Westen, C.J. (2000) The modelling of landslide hazards using GIS. In: Surveys in geophysics, 21(2000)2-3, pp. 241-255. Full text | Full text

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