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ISI Journal Articles 2016

Augustijn, P.W.M., Doldersum, T., Useya, J. and Augustijn, D. (2016) Agent-based modelling of cholera diffusion : open access. In: Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, 30(2016)8, p. 2079-2095. Full text | Full text

Belete, G.F. and Voinov, A.A. (2016) Exploring temporal and functional synchronization in integrating models : a sensitivity analysis. In: Computers and geosciences, 90 (2016)Part B pp. 162-171. Full text | Full text

Bekele, M.K., de By, R.A. and Singh, G. (2016) Spatiotemporal information extraction from a historic expedition gazetteer. In: ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information : open access, 5 (2016)12 article no. 221, 24 p. Full text | Full text

Petrossian, G.A., de By, R.A. and Clarke, R.V. (2016) Illegal long-line fishing and albatross extinction risk. In: Oryx : the international journal of conservation,  (2016)IN PRESS 10 p. Full text | Full text

Delikostidis, I., van Elzakker, C.P.J.M. and Kraak, M.J. (2016) Overcoming challenges in developing more usable pedestrian navigation systems. In: Cartography and geographic information science, 43 (2016)3 pp. 189-207. Full text | Full text

Ibrahim, A., Turdukulov, U.D. and Kraak, M.J. (2016) Linking movement and environmental data : the need for representation. In: International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation : JAG, 45 (2016)Part A pp. 95-105. Full text | Full text

Andrienko, G., Andrienko, N., Dykes, J., Kraak, M.J., Robinson, A. and Schumann, H. (2016) GeoVisual analytics : interactivity, dynamics, and scale : editorial. In: Cartography and geographic information science, 43 (2016)1 pp. 1-2. Full text | Full text

Kraak, M.J. (2016) London : the information capital : 100 maps and graphics that will change how you view the city : book review. In: The cartographic journal, 53 (2016)2 pp. 197. Full text | Full text

Granell, C. and Ostermann, F.O. (2016) Beyond data collection : Objectives and methods of research using VGI and geo-social media for disaster management. In: Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 59 (2016) pp. 231-243. Full text | Full text

Ullah, R., Mengistu, E.Z., van Elzakker, C.P.J.M. and Kraak, M.J. (2016) Usability evaluation of centered time cartograms. In: Open Geosciences : Open Access, 8 (2016)1 pp. 337-359. Full text | Full text

Argent, R.M., Sojda, R.S., Guipponi, C., McIntosh, B., Voinov, A.A. and Maier, H.R. (2016) Best practices for conceptual modelling in environmental planning and management. In: Environmental modelling and software, 80 (2016) pp. 113-121. Full text | Full text

Farley, J. and Voinov, A.A. (2016) Economics, socio-ecological resilience and ecosystem services. In: Journal of environmental management, 183 (2016)Part 2 pp. 389-398. Full text | Full text

Turner, K.G., Anderson, S., Gonzales-Chang, M., Costanza, R., Courville, S., Dalgaard, T., Dominati, E., Kubiszewski, I., Ogilvy, S., Porfirio, L., Ratna, N., Sandhu, H., Sutton, P.C., Svenning, J.C., Turner, G.M., Varennes, Y.D., Voinov, A.A. and Wratten, S. (2016) A review of methods, data, and models to assess changes in the value of ecosystem services from land degradation and restoration. In: Ecological modelling, 319 (2016) pp. 190-207. Full text | Full text

Voinov, A.A., Kolagani, N., McCall, M.K., Glynn, P.D., Kragt, M.E., Ostermann, F.O., Pierce, S.A. and Ramu, P. (2016) Modelling with stakeholders : next generation. In: Environmental modelling and software, 77 (2016) pp. 196-220. Full text | Full text

Voinov, A.A., Kolagani, N. and McCall, M.K. (2016) Preface to this virtual thematic issue : modelling with stakeholders II. In: Environmental modelling and software, 79 (2016) pp. 153-155. Full text | Full text

Zhang, L., Yang, Zhifeng., Voinov, A.A. and Gao, S. (2016) Nature-inspired stormwater management practice : the ecological wisdom underlying the Tuanchen drainage system in Beijing, China and its contemporary relevance. In: Landscape and urban planning, 155 (2016) pp. 11-20. Full text | Full text

Wu, Xiaojing, Zurita-Milla, R. and Kraak, M.J. (2016) A novel analysis of spring phenological patterns over Europe based on co-clustering. In: Journal of geophysical research : G: Biogeosciences, 121 (2016)6 pp. 1434-1448. Full text | Full text

Yusof, N., Zurita-Milla, R., Kraak, M.J. and Retsios, B. (2016) Interactive discovery of sequential patterns in time series of wind data. In: International journal of geographical information science : IJGIS, 30 (2016)8 pp. 1486-1506. Full text | Full text

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