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ISI Journal Articles 2015

Lin, Y.P., Deng, D., Lin, W.-C., Lemmens, R.L.G., Crossman, N.D., Henle, Klaus. and Schmeller, D.S. (2015) Uncertainty analysis of crowd - sourced and professionally collected field data used in species distribution models of Taiwanese moths. In: Biological conservation, 181 (2015) pp. 102-110. Full text | Full text

Imran, M., Stein, A. and Zurita-Milla, R. (2015) Using geographically weighted regression kriging for crop yield mapping in West Africa. In: International journal of geographical information science : IJGIS, 29 (2015)2 pp. 234-257. Full text | Full text

Zook, M., Kraak, M.J. and Ahas, R. (2015) Geographies of mobility : applications of location - based data. In: International journal of geographical information science : IJGIS, 29 (2015)11 pp. 1935-1940. Full text | Full text

Kveladze, I., Kraak, M.J. and van Elzakker, C.P.J.M. (2015) The space - time cube as part of a GeoVisual analytics environment to support the understanding of movement data. In: International journal of geographical information science : IJGIS, 29 (2015)11 pp. 2001-2016. Full text | Full text

Mehdi Poor, H., Zurita-Milla, R., Rosemartin, A.H., Gerst, K.L. and Weltzin, J.F. (2015) Developing a workflow to identify inconsistencies in volunteered geographic information : a phenological case study. In: PLoS ONE : open access, 10 (2015)10 article no. e0140811, 14 p. Full text | Full text

Singh, G. and de By, R.A. (2015) Spatial extent models for natural language phrases involving directional containment. In: Transactions in GIS, 19 (2015)2 pp. 202-224. Full text | Full text

Keramitsoglou, I., Stratoulias, D., Fitoka, E., Kontoes, C. and Sifakis, N. (2015) A transferability study of the kernel - based reclassification algorithm for habitat delineation. In: International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation : JAG, 37 (2015) pp. 38-47. Full text | Full text

Stratoulias, D., Balzter, H., Zlinszky, A. and Tóth, V.R. (2015) Assessment of ecophysiology of lake shore reed vegetation based on chlorophyll fluorescence, field spectroscopy and hyperspectral airborne imagery. In: Remote sensing of environment, 157 (2015) pp. 72-84. Full text | Full text

Ullah, R. and Kraak, M.J. (2015) An alternative method to constructing time cartograms for the visual representation of scheduled movement data. In: Journal of maps : partly open access, 11 (2015)4 pp. 674-687. Full text | Full text

Behrens, J., van Elzakker, C.P.J.M. and Schmidt, M. (2015) Testing the usability of OpenStreetMap's iD tool. In: The cartographic journal, 52 (2015)2 pp. 177-184. Full text | Full text

Hasselmann, K., Cremades, R., Filatova, T., Hewitt, R., Jaeger, C., Kovalevsky, D., Voinov, A.A. and Winder, N. (2015) Free - riders to forerunners : commentary. In: Nature geoscience, 8 (2015)12 pp. 895-898. Full text | Full text

Lee, J.-S., Filatova, T., Ligmann-Zielinska, A., Hassani-Mahmooei, B., Stonedahl, F., Lorscheid, I., Voinov, A.A., Polhill, G., Sun, Z. and Parker, D.C. (2015) The complexities of agent - based modeling output analysis. In: Journal of artificial societies and social simulation : open access, 18(2015)4, article no. 4, 26 p. Full text | Full text

Lin, H., Batty, M., Jørgensen, S.E., Fu, B., Konecny, M., Voinov, A.A., Torrens, P., Lu, G., Zhu, A.X., Wilson, J.P., Gong, J., Kolditz, O., Bandrova, T. and Chen, M. (2015) Virtual environments begin to embrace process - based geographic analysis : editorial. In: Transactions in GIS, 19 (2015)4 pp. 493-498. Full text | Full text

Voinov, A.A., Arodudu, O.T., van Duren, I.C., Morales, J.M. and Qin, L. (2015) Estimating the potential of roadside vegetation for bioenergy production. In: Journal of cleaner production, 102 (2015), pp. 213-225. Full text | Full text

Wu, Xiaojing, Zurita-Milla, R. and Kraak, M.J. (2015) Co - clustering geo - referenced time series : exploring spatio - temporal patterns in Dutch temperature data. In: International journal of geographical information science : IJGIS, 29 (2015)4 pp. 624-642. Full text | Full text

Ault, T.R., Zurita-Milla, R. and Schwartz, M.D. (2015) A Matlab toolbox for calculating spring indices from daily meteorological data. In: Computers and geosciences, 83 (2015) pp. 46-53. Full text | Full text

Ault, T.R., Schwartz, M.D., Zurita-Milla, R., Weltzin, J.F. and Betancourt, J.L. (2015) Trends and natural variability of spring onset in the coterminous United States as evaluated by a new gridded dataset of spring indices. In: Journal of Climate : partly open access, 28 (2015)21 pp. 8363–8378. Full text | Full text

van Gijsel, J.A.E., Zurita-Milla, R., Stammes, P., Godin-Beekmann, S., Leblanc, T., Marchand, M., McDermid, I.S., Stebel, K., Steinbrecht, W. and Swart, D.P.J. (2015) Using self - organising maps to explore ozone profile validation results : SCIAMACHY limb compared to ground - based lidar observations. In: Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, AMT : Open Access, 8 (2015)5 pp. 1951-1963. Full text | Full text

Zurita-Milla, R., Laurent, V.C.E. and van Gijsel, J.A.E. (2015) Visualizing the ill - posedness of the inversion of a canopy radiative transfer model : a case study for Sentinel-2. In: International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation : JAG, 43 (2015) pp. 7-18. Full text | Full text

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