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Department of Geo-information Processing

ISI Journal Articles 2011

Augustijn, P.W.M., Flacke, J. and Retsios, V. (2011) Simulating informal settlement growth in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania : an agent - based housing model. In: Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 35 (2011)2 pp. 93-103. Full text | Full text

Broering, A., Echterhoff, J., Jirka, S., Simonis, I., Everding, T., Stasch, C., Liang, S. and Lemmens, R.L.G. (2011) New generation sensor web enablement : review. In: Sensors : open access, 11 (2011)3 pp. 2652-2699. Full text | Full text

Broering, A. and ... [et al.] (2011) Semantically - enabled sensor plug and play for the sensor web. In: Sensors : open access, 11 (2011)8 pp. 7568-7605. Full text | Full text

Georgiadou, P.Y., Bana, B., Becht, R., Hoppe, R., Ikingura, J., Kraak, M.J., Lance, K.T., Lemmens, R.L.G., Lungo, J.H., McCall, M.K., Miscione, G. and Verplanke, J.J. (2011) Sensors, empowerment and accountability : a digital earth view from East Africa. In: International Journal of Digital Earth, 4 (2011)4 pp. 285-304. Full text | Full text

Kraak, M.J. (2011) Is there a need for neo - cartography. In: Cartography and geographic information science, 38 (2011)2 pp. 73-78. Full text | Full text

Gomez-Chova, L., Zurita-Milla, R., ... [et al.] and ... [et al.] (2011) Gridding artifacts on medium - resolution satellite image time series : MERIS case study. In: IEEE Transactions on geoscience and remote sensing, 49 (2011)7 pp. 2601-2611. Full text | Full text

Nigussie, D., Zurita-Milla, R. and Clevers, J.G.P.W. (2011) Possibilities and limitations of artificial neural networks for subpixel mapping of land cover. In: International journal of remote sensing, 32 (2011)22 pp. 7203-7226. Full text | Full text

Zurita-Milla, R. and ... [et al.] (2011) Using MERIS fused images for land - cover mapping and vegetation status assessment in heterogeneous landscapes. In: International journal of remote sensing, 32 (2011)4 pp. 973-991. Full text | Full text

Zurita-Milla, R. and ... [et al.] (2011) Multitemporal unmixing of medium - spatial - resolution satellite images : a case study using MERIS images for land - cover mapping. In: IEEE Transactions on geoscience and remote sensing, 49 (2011)11 pp. 4308-4317. Full text | Full text

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