Masterclass with Edward Tufte

for UT students and staff

 Edward Tufte has provided the discipline with a vocabulary for bad design (chartjunk, the lie factor), for particular graphic constructions (small multiples, micro/macro readings), and for his own criteria of good design (high data-ink ratio, high data density), and, more recently, sparklines and slopegraphs.
He has been an inspiring example for many active in information visualization, data visualization and geovisualization, and has stimulated cartographers and others to re-think design. In making his point Tufte is often using ’classic’ graphics and maps such as John Snow's cholera outbreak map, and Charles Joseph Minard's Carte Figurative (Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812). Tufte’s comments on Minard’s map challenged Menno-Jan Kraak, the honorary promotor, to write a book on mapping time using Minard’s map as a common thread throughout the book.
Tufte’s career not only inspired geodata visualizers at ITC, but also impersonates developments among the public administration scientists of BMS. This reflects the interests of both Faculties: High Tech (data analytics and visualization) and Human Touch (informed public decision-making).

This masterclass is organized exclusively for students and staff of the University of Twente. Places are limited and registration is required at:

Edward Tufte (1942) is a statistician and an artist. As a Professor Emeritus of Yale University (political science, statistics, computer science), he is well known for his work on visualizing data. The New York Times has called him ‘The da Vinci of Data’. His books on accurate information design and visualization are standard works for scientists of many disciplines including, for example, the cartographers of UT’s ITC faculty, and the BMS faculty who are interested in visualization to support public decision-making and the popular debate on public issues. Apart from his scientific work, he creates large sculptures of metal and stone.

Event starts: Friday 25 November 2016 at 09:00
Event ends: Friday 25 November 2016 at 12:00
Venue: ITC Auditorium
City where event takes place: Enschede
Country where event takes place: Netherlands

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