GIMA Jubilee Day

10 years MSc programme Geographical Information Management and Applications


This year it is 10 years ago that four leading research institutes in the Netherlands (UT/ITC Enschede, TU Delft, Utrecht University and Wageningen UR) joined forces to offer GIMA, a very complete MSc programme on Geoinformation technology, management and applications.

We will celebrate this GIMA Jubilee on 2 September 2013 at the Faculty ITC in Enschede.

In the morning we will start at 9.00 hrs with a "mapping event", that will be followed by a network lunch. The afternoon's programme will be concluded with drinks. There will be a possibility to apply for only parts of the programme.

1. Mapping event:                 09:00 - 12:00

In conjunction with the GIMA Jubilee Day, an outdoor mapping event will be organized from 09:00 to 12:00.

Together with experienced ITC staff members, you will learn how to map your points of interest and share these with others on the Web. In the meantime, you will enjoy a hike through Enschede with your peers!

This mapping event will be carried out with mobile phones and tablets with GPS. We will provide some, but please bring your own as well. If you intend to bring your own device and want to use it for mapping as part of the event, please contact Rob Lemmens for information about the mobile software which will be used.

There is also something to win. We will evaluate your mappings and will rank the teams’ performance. Be the best team and you will be awarded a small prize!

GIMA Jubilee Day participants are strongly encouraged to join this educational (and fun!) event.

The registration for the mapping event is at 08:30 in the Annex of the ITC Faculty.

2. Network lunch:                  12:00 - 13:30

3. Afternoon programme:     13:30 - 17:00

13:30 Welcome
By Prof. Henk Ottens, Former chairman of the GIMA MSc, University of Utrecht
13:45     10 years of GIMA
By Prof.Dr. Menno-Jan Kraak
14:00 ‘Developments in GIScience and implications on education’ by Prof.Dr. Robert Weibel of the University of Zurich, Switzerland
14:45 ‘Experiences of a GIMA graduate’; Marije Louwsma, Senior Project leader, Kadaster Netherlands
15:00 Coffee / tea break
15:30 ‘Experiences of a GIMA graduate’; Rob de Wolff, Head Meteorology Branch, NAEW&CF E-3A Component, Germany
15:45 ‘Trends in Geoinformatics: the Google perspective’ by Ed Parsons, Google
16:30 Winner of the mapping event & closure

4. Drinks in the Annex of the ITC restaurant


Registration for the GIMA jubilee day has been closed on Friday 23 August 2013 at 17.00 hrs. If you wish to register after this date, please contact


Event starts: Monday 02 September 2013 at 09:00
Event ends: Monday 02 September 2013 at 17:00
Venue: ITC
Organized by: GIMA
City where event takes place: Enschede
Country where event takes place: Netherlands

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