Postgraduate diploma (PGD) programme

in Geo-information Science and Earth Observation

For whom is this programme relevant?

This nine-month Postgraduate diploma programme (62 credits) caters for young and mid-career professionals who need to be proficient in applying geo-information science and earth observation in their field of interest, analysing problems and applying new methods and techniques, and managing (multi)disciplinary scientific teams.

What will you learn?

Important elements of the programme include developing a critical understanding of appropriate tools; exposure to new methods and techniques; gaining competence in developing tools for the acquisition, processing, transformation, analysis, modelling, storage and presentation of spatial data; and using geo-information in identifying and responding to development problems and in drafting development policies.

What is the programme structure?

The Postgraduate diploma programme consists of three distinct blocks.

Block Modules Description
1 1-3 GI science and earth observation: a process-based approach
Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Earth Observation (EO), relation to 'System Earth' and the user
2 4-10 Application of geo-information science and earth observation in the field of interest
Learning in the domain
3 11-12 Final assignment
Individual literature study or limited project leading to a report

A programme based on the first part of the MSc programme

The Postgraduate diploma programme will have the same end qualifications as the first part of the MSc programme. Successful completion of the Postgraduate diploma programme (modules 1-12) serves as a basis for entering the second part (modules 11-23) of the MSc programme.

About your diploma

Upon successful completion of this programme you will receive an (Academic Education) Postgraduate Diploma in Geo-information Science and Earth Observation, with the name of the specialization from the University of Twente.

Along with your Diploma you will receive a Course Record providing all the subjects studied as part of the course. It states for each module: the module code, number, subject, ECTS credits, exam date, location and the mark awarded.

Courses in the Postgraduate diploma programme

Five courses are offered in the Postgraduate diploma programme:

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