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ITC provides accommodation in well-furnished rooms at the 
ITC International Hotel (IIH) as an integral component of a study at ITC. The hotel is located in the centre of Enschede, close to the ITC main building and close to the railway station, shopping centre and market. Additional facilities include a 24-hour reception, a self-service laundry, a bar operated by the student union, and other recreation areas. All rooms have an internet connection and Wi-Fi is available in the entire building. Use is free of charge.


From Monday to Friday, a variety of moderately priced meals and snacks are available at lunchtime from the self-service restaurant on the ground floor of the ITC building. Course participants living in single rooms at the International Hotel can make use of common kitchens; those living in apartments have small individual kitchens (crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils to be provided by the occupant).

ITC restaurant (copyright Gerard Kuster)

State-of-the-art computer facilities

Computers play an essential role in ITC’s courses, and basic lessons are offered on computer skills. Most courses also include modules on GIS, remote sensing and modelling, where the use of computers is indispensable. ITC’s high-speed network (wired and wireless) ensures that accessing the ITC network and internet is easy and convenient. The computer clusters have long opening hours to ensure facilities are available when most needed. All course participants are issued with their own lifelong e-mail account.

Computer facilities (copyright Gerard Kuster)


The ITC faculty library supports the primary processes of the Faculty of Geo-Information and Earth Observation by ensuring adequate provision of, and efficient end-use access to, useful scientific material. This means that the library contributes to the effectiveness of the education provided by the Faculty and the research executed at the Faculty.

The ITC faculty library creates an environment in which course participants can learn how to study and conduct research in an independent way.

World-renowned databases such as Web of Science and Scopus, in combination with large online journal platforms, offer a solid knowledge base for ITC’s staff and students.

The library helps staff and students to clearly present their expertise in the form of academic publications on the ITC faculty library web pages, enabling the Faculty to present itself as a leading international education and research organization.

The aim of the library literacy lectures and workshops is to provide course participants with a body of knowledge, practice and experience in the optimal exploitation of the library and its information resource applications and tools. Information literacy competencies include recognizing the need for information, accessing information from appropriate sources, developing skills in using information technologies, critically analysing and evaluating information, organizing and processing information, applying information for effective and creative decision making, and generating and effectively communicating information and knowledge.

Next to the growing virtual side of the library, some basic facilities are available: individual and group study areas with and without multimedia PCs, and convenient opening hours for course participants. Language courses to improve English language skills are also part of our collection. Library staff are available during all business hours.

Library (copyright Gerard Kuster)

GeoScience laboratory

The GeoScience laboratory at ITC provides services in the field of education and research activities. The laboratory is equipped with a wide range of instrumentation for the spectrometric infra-red determination of minerals, soils and vegetation, for inorganic geochemical water and soil analysis, for sample preparation, as well as for the determination of soil properties such as particle size distribution, hydraulic conductivity and bulk density.

In the laboratory, ITC students can receive hands-on training in analytical determination to help them to understand analytical procedures and the quality of their analytical data, to help them to optimalise sample collection methods and sample analysis by their team workers in the field or laboratory, and to help them to choose appropriate analytical instrumentation and procedures for their work.

Within ITC’s research activities, the GeoScience laboratory can be used to validate existing analytical datasets and generate additional analytical data.

GeoScience laboratory

Medical facilities

A general practitioner group is on hand to offer initial medical counselling.

Student Affairs office

The Student Affairs office is the first port of call for course participants when questions arise. The Student Affairs officers support course participants during their stay at ITC and are a veritable mine of information. They offer a comprehensive service, covering such matters as residence permits, social and cultural matters, emergencies at home, consular affairs and general student information.




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