Research themes

Acquisition and quality of geo-spatial information (ACQUAL)

Developments in sensor and web technology have led to a vast increase in earth observation data. Advanced methodology is needed for interpretation and integration of such big geo-data to support decision making. Users require high speed image analysis to almost continuously monitor global and local geo-spatial processes. Considering the increasing heterogeneity of big geo-data as well as the need for automated analysis of those data, this research programme focusses on their automated integrated analysis for object and process modelling in a statistically sound way. We distinguish modelling uncertainty in earth observation data and acquisition of topographic information from imagery and point clouds. Emphasis is on the development and applicability of methodology. The research is conducted in three overlapping fields focusing on geometric modelling, process modelling and semantics.

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Research theme Acquisition and quality of geo-spatial information (ACQUAL)
Research group leaders Spatial Statistics and Image analysis
Chair Prof. dr. ir. Alfred Stein
Geo-information Extraction with Sensor Systems
Chair Prof. dr. ir. George Vosselman
Group memberships The department of Earth Observation Science (EOS) is a member of the Twente Graduate School (TGS). Both prof. Stein and prof. Vosselman are member of the research school SENSE.
Keywords Spatial statistics, photogrammetry, data quality, topographic mapping, airborne and mobile laser scanning, image analysis