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The technological advances in remote sensing, computers, terrain analysis, geostatistics, GIS data integration, and instrumentation should make it possible to achieve unprecedented reliability and utility in digital soil maps. There is an increasing amount of digital data available on the Internet or as large datasets on CD-ROM, from straight digital conversions of paper maps and databases to direct-to-digital products. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of digital data that is not easily or freely available. I've described these trends and issues in a paper to be published in Soil Use & Management 20: Digital soil resource inventories: status and prospects

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Datasets at this scale are primarily intended for global modelling; as such the resolution is coarse and the properties are typically averaged.

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The polar regions are of tremendous significance for global processes, and the soil is the interface where most of the action is.

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Amazing but true -- soil science extends to the ends of the earth.

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So far the only soils studies are from our nearest neighbours, the Moon and Mars. Several other planets have studied, but don't have any soil in any sense of the word. Unfortunately, these links don't contain any digital data.


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