Résumé of ir. P.W.M. (Ellen-Wien) Augustijn

Augustijn - Beckers

Ellen-Wien Augustijn has been working for ITC since 2000. From 1994 – 2000 she was a member of the GIS group at the International Agricultural College Larenstein (Netherlands) and from 1990 till 1993 she worked as a researcher in the soil and water science GIS unit at the University of Florida (USA).

At ITC she is a lecturer and a member of the GIP (Geo-Information Processing) management team as portfolio holder "project services".

Activities in education

Ellen-Wien has extensive experience in education. She is involved as both a coordinator and as a teacher in several of the ITC modules for different levels of students. The topics of her lectures mainly focus on GIS data structures and analysis. Besides her teaching tasks she is also involved in several distance-learning projects (e.g. GIMA – Geographical Information Management and Applications) and in international training courses on location (e.g. India, Hyderabad 2003).

Activities in research

Ellen-Wien is currently involved in the startup of a wetlands project that will focus on the spatial data acquisition and static and dynamic modeling of both the hydrological and the biotic cycle in wetlands. She is also involved in research on the use of GIS analysis techniques to predict the spreading of epidemics in both human and animal deceases.

Activities in capacity development

As portfolio holder Projects, Ellen-Wien has a special focus on the acquisition of (international) projects for the GIP department. She herself has conducted various assignments for international developing organizations, mainly in Asia (India, Philippines, Sri Lanka). Topics of these projects include setting up GIS curricula for educational institutes, teaching courses and setting up a One-Stop-Shop for planning approval for the urban development authority in Colombo - Sri Lanka.


ISI Journal Articles

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Other Refereed Journal Articles

Augustijn, P.W.M., Flacke, J. and Retsios, V. (2010) Investigating the effect of different pre - evacuation behavior and exit choice strategies using agent - based modeling : first international conference on evacuation modeling and management. In: Procedia Engineering, 3(2010) : 1st Conference on Evacuation Modeling and Management. pp. 23-25. Full text | Full text

Book Chapters

Augustijn, P.W.M., Abdulkareem, S., Huisman, O. and Flacke, J. (2010) Simulating diffusion of pertussis in the Netherlands. In: Workshop on agent - based simulation of diffusion processes, 8-9 April 2010, Vienna, Austria. - Wien : Universität Wien, 2010. ISBN 978-3-200-01835-8. pp. 31-33. Full text

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Conference Proceedings (full papers)

Mehdi Poor, H., Zurita-Milla, R., Augustijn, P.W.M. and van Vliet, A. (2016) Analyzing phenological synchronicity using volunteered geographic information. In: Geospatial data in a changing world : proceedings of the 19th AGILE conference on geographic information science, 14-17 June 2016, Helsinki, Finland. 6 p. Full text | Full text

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Scientific and Professional Publications

Bijker, W. and Augustijn, P.W.M. (2014) Development of evacuation routes and determination of shelter accessibility using high resolution satellite imagery : under the project Spatial data management and identification of the most vulnerable schools and shelters in Dominica : final report : e-book. Enschede, University of Twente Faculty of Geo-Information and Earth Observation (ITC), 2014. Full text

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