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The ILWIS 2.1 Applications Guide (352 pp.) contains 25 discipline-oriented case studies. The case studies show advanced procedures to work with ILWIS and also demonstrate how specific questions in certain research disciplines can be solved with ILWIS. As the Applications Guide is intended for experienced ILWIS users, the operations that have to be performed are not written out in full detail.
The ILWIS 2.1 Applications Guide can be used both as a self-study material and in a course environment.

--> The applications in the ILWIS 2.1 Applications Guide are also supposed to work with ILWIS 3.x! <--

By simply clicking the links in the table below, you can:

  • Directly view text of an individual chapter of the ILWIS 2.1 Applications Guide on your screen as a .PDF file.
  • Download text of an individual chapter of the ILWIS 2.1 Applications Guide as a .PDF file.
    To view or print the contents of a .PDF file, you need to have installed Acrobat Reader.
  • Download text of all chapters of the ILWIS 2.1 Applications Guide as a .ZIP file.
    The .ZIP file contains all .PDF files of the ILWIS 2.1 Applications Guide.
  • Download data of exercises described in a chapter of the ILWIS 2.1 Applications Guide as a .ZIP file.
    A data .ZIP file contains all ILWIS maps and tables to start the exercises of an Applications Guide chapter.
    To extract files from a .ZIP file after a download, you need to have installed WinZip.

By clicking the TV icon in front of a chapter, you will go to an illustrated summary of the application.

Text (.PDF) Data (.ZIP)
View illustrated application 1. Hazard, vulnerability and risk analysis Chapter 1 (95 kB)
View illustrated application 2. Flood hazard analysis using multi-temporal SPOT-XS imagery Chapter 2 (1.1 MB)
View illustrated application 3. Modelling cyclone hazard in Bangladesh Chapter 3 (9.9 MB)
View illustrated application 4. Modelling erosion from pyroclastic flow deposits on Mount Pinatubo Chapter 4 (2.4 MB)
View illustrated application 5. Statistical landslide hazard analysis Chapter 5 (170 kB)
View illustrated application 6. Deterministic landslide hazard zonation Chapter 6 (448 kB)
View illustrated application 7. Seismic landslide hazard zonation Chapter 7 (8 kB)
View illustrated application 8. Creating an engineering geological data base Chapter 8 (800 kB)
View illustrated application 9. Irrigation water requirement Chapter 9 (16 kB)
View illustrated application 10. Data analysis for irrigation Chapter 10 (1.7 MB)
View illustrated application 11. Determination of peak runoff Chapter 11 (121 kB)
View illustrated application 12. Morgan approach for erosion modelling Chapter 12 (24 kB)
View illustrated application 13. Assessing aquifer vulnerability to pollution in Piana Campana Chapter 13 (1.2 MB)
View illustrated application 14. Remote Sensing and GIS techniques applied to geological survey Chapter 14 (5.8 MB)
View illustrated application 15. Geological data integration Chapter 15 (931 kB)
16. Modelling with neighbourhood operators Chapter 16 (758 kB)
17. Extracting topographic and terrain variables for distributed models Chapter 17 (68 kB)
18. Tools for map analysis applied to the selection of a waste disposal site Chapter 18 (328 kB)
19. Updating a land use map with oblique air photos Chapter 19 (2.0 MB)
20. Analysis of urban change and spatial pattern Chapter 20 (63 kB)
View illustrated application 21. Analysis of suitability for urban expansion Chapter 21 (38 kB)
22. Cibodas: analysing the fuelwood demand Chapter 22 (261 kB)
23. Cibodas: the erosion issue Chapter 23 (295 kB)
24. Soil erosion modelling
Soil erosion modelling (updated for version 3.0)
Chapter 24
Chapter 24
(116 kB)
(137 kB)
25. Layer tinting and shading Chapter 25 (2.0 MB)
View illustrated application 26. Creating a mosaic using small aerial photographs New Chapter 26 (8.2 MB)
View illustrated application 27. Creating a mosaic using a DTM and small aerial photographs New Chapter 27 (14.1 MB)
Complete ILWIS 2.1 Applications Guide (all text as .ZIP, 2.4 MB)