Money matters

Tuition fees and additional costs

For courses starting on or after 1 January 2014

Course Duration    Tuition fee 1 Residence
Minimum living
MSc degree 18 months € 19,839 € 304 € 730 € 15,300
Master degree 12 months € 13,226 € 304 € 490 € 10,200
Postgraduate diploma 9 months € 9,920 € 304 € 370 € 7,650
Undergraduate diploma 9 months € 9,920 € 304 € 370 € 7,650
Certificate 3 weeks € 1,000 n.a. € 40 € 600
6 weeks € 1,526 n.a. € 70 € 1,200
9 weeks € 2,289 n.a. € 100 € 1,800
10 weeks € 2,543 n.a. € 100 € 2,000
12 weeks € 3,052 n.a. € 120 € 2,400
18 weeks € 4,578 € 304 € 180 € 3,550
Distance 6 weeks € 1,526/763 2 n.a. n.a. n.a.


Mind: Fees are subject to revision.
The above mentioned fee rates apply to all students who commence a course after 1 January 2014.
Fee rates for courses starting before 31 December 2013.

1 Tuition fee
The tuition fee includes all expenses necessary to offer our students a comprehensive educational experience from start to end of selected course. These include registration fees, course materials, course excursions and access to research data and equipment. Fieldwork is paid out of general means as well as student personal funds, and varies per course and research theme.

2 Tuition fee for Distance education
€ 1,526: participants who reside in, or are nationals of, a non-ODA country.
€ 763: participants who reside in, and are nationals of an ODA country (see the countries on the OECD approved List of Recipients of Official Development Assistance).

Additional costs

Residence Permit
The cost of the residence permit is set by the Dutch Government and is subject to periodic increases. ITC applies on the applicants’ behalf for the residence permit, therefore the applicant is invoiced for this amount in advance.

Cost of Living Allowance
Dutch Immigration Service (IND) provides an estimate of monthly accommodation and living costs in the Netherlands. IND requires that ITC guarantees on behalf of the applicant that s/he has adequate funding to cover accommodation and living cost. All applicants must therefore provide evidence of funds by covering full payment of accommodation and living costs prior to start of course.

The living allowance has to be paid in advance, after which students receive a refund upon arrival.  This refund is after deduction of hotel accommodation expenses and can be used for food and out-of-pocket expenses. It is paid out either on a monthly basis or per course module, depending on the type of course you have registered for.

All course participants traveling to ITC are required by law to hold full medical insurance. The short stay visa to travel to the Netherlands will not be issued unless insurance cover can be shown to the embassy. ITC arranges a comprehensive insurance cover in advance of arrival at the rates shown above.

Applicants who are European Union citizens holding their own medical insurance must be able to provide evidence of comparable insurance. If provided and approved by ITC, these students are exempt from purchasing insurance through ITC.

Payment conditions

The tuition fee and additional costs are to be fully paid in advance to cover the total duration of the cost. Applicants for the MSc, Master, Postgraduate or Diploma course can pay their tuition expenses in two installment periods. The payment table in these cases is as follows:

Programme Payment 1 Due date Payment 2 Due date
MSc degree € 9,919.50 1 June € 9,919.50 1 May
Master degree € 6,613 1 June € 6,613 1 February
Postgraduate diploma € 4,960 1 June € 4,960 1 February
Diploma € 4,960 1 October € 4,960 1 May


Extension of Study
If the individual study period has to be extended, additional payments must be made before the extension period begins.

Joint Educational Programmes
Students enrolling for a course under auspices of a Joint Education Programme (JEP) are charged tuition and additional costs on basis of the institutional agreement. For details we refer you to your home institution.

Accommodation and living costs

Accommodation and living costs in the Netherlands are estimated at a minimum of € 850 per month. For instance, participants funded by the Dutch government (NFP fellowship) receive € 970 per month for accommodation and living costs.

The figures shown in the table above are approximate values based on the nominal course duration and the minimum monthly living allowance. A more accurate indication of the sum required will be given on a formal invoice and will be based on the period of stay and the minimum monthly living allowance rate in effect at the time.

The rates are calculated on a daily basis of approximately € 28. The accommodation cost of approximately € 14.80 has to be paid out of this sum.

The general conditions for ITC courses apply.

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