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Technologies supporting the collection, analysis, distribution, and use of spatial data

Geo-information and earth sciences are relying increasingly on digital spatial data acquired from remotely sensed images, analysed by geographic information systems (GIS), distributed through complex infrastructures, and visualized on the computer screen or on paper by an ever-increasing variety of users. The technologies supporting these processes form the core of geoinformatics. Technological skills alone, however, are not sufficient for organizations involved in the production and management of such geo-information.

Owing to the rapid changes and developments in geo-information acquisition, analysis and dissemination, these organizations require scientific staff that can keep pace with and validate the relevancy of such developments, design new systems and infrastructures, and explore cutting-edge technology for efficient and effective implementation.

Our courses in geoinformatics

Our courses in the geoinformatics domain facilitate a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving for development purposes. Considerable attention is placed on remote sensing and GIS.

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MSc degree in geoinformatics

The 18-month MSc degree course in Geo-information Science and Earth Observation for Geoinformatics (118 ECTS), which includes a strong research component, is designed for research and development staff at national mapping agencies and other organizations dealing with geo-information, as well as for university staff (Bachelor level) pursuing an academic career. 

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Postgraduate diploma in geoinformatics

The 9-month Postgraduate diploma course in Geo-information Science and Earth Observation for Geoinformatics (62 ECTS) is relevant for young and mid-career professionals who are interested in the content matter of geoinformatics technology but have no urgent need to develop research skills.

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Short certificate courses in geoinformatics

Do you have a specific requirement for up-to-date education in (applications of) geo-information science and earth observation for geoinformatics? ITC offers a number of short (distance) courses leading to a certificate. They vary in duration from three weeks to three months.

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ITC is the faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation at the University of Twente. We are located in Enschede, a modern and lively town located at the eastern border of the Netherlands. Its excellent connection to Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Paris and London make Enschede a good place to study for international students.

Why study at ITC?

ITC is recognized worldwide for achievements in teaching in the field of geo-information science and earth observation. The combination of geo-information science and remote sensing in seven domains is unique in the world. Furthermore, at ITC you will:

  • Gain valuable international experience
  • Study in the cultural heartlands of Europe
  • Leave with a thriving network of international contacts